Frostgrave: Bone wheel

Hello again dear reader!

Once more I had the chance to play Frostgrave, the ninth scenario of the lich lord campaign. In this scenario, there is a center wheel that has 6 treasure tokens “hanging” from it, and spinning every round.

One interesting detail was that setup was from the corners, definitely an interesting touch!

Got lucky and succeed with my reveal secret spell before we started, easy treasure for the taking!

Always start with a defensive wall if you opponent has ranged superiority. This enable me to go and try to get forward positions up the board.

Slogging in melee while my other troops advance to get treasure!

My opponent saw through me and counter flanked with a captain and treasure hunter, and managed to catch my duelist hiding behind a column.

The great escape!

My opponent got shafted by a banshee early on, and had trouble dealing with it. I got lucky and had a magic sword on my captain. He made short work of it, and then ran interference on the zombies that shuffled into battle. My opponent unfortunately could not catch me, and final score was 4-3 in my favor in treasures.

An interesting scenario! My opponent played too defensively and relied on his shooting. Unfortunately for him, his dice where ICE COLD the whole game and got nothing done. The only ranged attack that got through was a elemental bolt on my apprentice, wich only managed to deal 6 damge.

One scenario remaining!

Our last battle will be against the lich, who knows how that will go..

Until next time!



Painting stuff: Star wars armada

Hello dear reader!

I recently had a period of great motivation for painting after finishing my box of magnetized Genestealer cult box of Neophyte Hybrids. I wondered what kind of models I might have still laying around unpainted when it hit me!

Star wars armada is basically the miniature game that really got me into tabletop gaming, and my squadrons where still on their flight stands, unpainted. Beeing the oldest miniature game I have, and having my friend that likes armada coming to town for Christmas, I had a golden opportunity to finally paint them.

Loving the tie fighter and Imperial in general, this is where I stared. Imperials being super easy to paint with a limited pallet of colour, paiting them was a breeze. The bounty hunters where a bit more difficult, but still relatively easy.

Next up, the whole fleet of x-wings. These I did’t like that much. The details were shallow, and non existent like the cockpit, so I had a hard time to get them to look halfway decent..

The other rebel squadrons are a definite step up from the x-wings, having good details for being so small.

And there we have it! completed squadrons for the coming games with my friend, a definite step up from the unpainted ones!



Frostgrave: Cauldron of doom


Finally had my first Frostgrave game in what seems like forever. For you who don’t know, Frostgrave is a miniatures game where you build a warband and try to secure as much treasure as you can, while fending off monsters and other warbands.

Me and my friend has had a long running campaign, as we are playing the Thaw of the lich lord expansion. This expansion details the thawing and rise of a powerful lich, and the 10 scenario long campaign to defeat him and his underlings.

My deployment in the south, my friend in the north

We are currently on the eight scenario, which has a cauldron in the middle surrounded by death cultists. The cauldron spawn a zombie every turn, and must be tipped over to loose the ability.

Cauldron and corpse cart with cultist guards
State of the board in the last turn before he called it quits

The result of the game was 4 treasures versus his 3 treasures.

I really look forward to the last 2 games, as my wizard is built very.. well bad. I lack any offensive spells, and the spells I chose aren’t that good. We will build new warbands when the campaign is over, and I look forward to try new spells! Maybe even switch over to the second edition if I remember to buy the book.



Legion terrain: Tantive IV interior

Hello and welcome back dear reader!

Been working on this little gem for a few hours, and thought I would post a little report on my progress.

This is my take on the Tantive IV interior walls, seen in the first star wars movie.

Here with some of my clone scout troopers for scale, you can find the on thingivers

The terrain walls are 3 inches long, making them not too large. This will unfortunately make you print a lot to cover even a small section of the 3×6 battlefield that is the standard for current 800 point legion games.

What these are meant for is instead some close combat encounters for 3×3 battlefields, using smaller infantry lists. The Core set (reb & imps) clocks in about 467 and 525 respectively, making this a good alternative for them.

heres a mockup for a 3×3 table

As you can see, not too shabby, eh?

Of course, there are design problems with this, in the picture above you can see there are some coloured walls, these are what I had to make to get everything to align properly…. This is because I’m not a terribly good designer and probably never will be.

These things aside, I quite like these, only problem is how many walls you have to make to make the table.. 108 for the inner walls and 52 for the outer walls..

3×6 madness

Now we’re talking! This is already becoming unwieldy, 216 walls and 78 outer walls.

So 294 pieces and it takes 2H 16 minutes for the normal blank wall according to cura –> over 600h of printing time, this would be pretty much a month of non stop printing them piece by piece. And that is not counting the connectors!

What an endevour! don’t you agree?

I’ll post them on thingiverse, so you’ll know where to get them.

Until next time!



Hobbying along, terrain!

oh man, long time no post…

Still waiting on my clan forces delivery, corona’s really messing things up for the the Italians, as I have yet to receive my parcel from them.. Only one MONTH shipping time so far..

Work has been really rough, and we’re finally going into low season, so might have better time in the future.

I managed to get some terrain done for TOH

As you can see, I got one orchard and one bush, with two willow groves done. The rice patches are 3D printed and flocked. They didn’t turn out really so bad, but could have been better. They almost look like mud instead..

As my clan forces are delayed, I got really bummed and lost my interest for the time being, so decided to switch things up. I fired up my printer and started to print some Star wars Legion terrain instead.

3d printed A-wings and AAC-1

Here we have some terrain for a legion board. everythings 3D printed, the AAC-1 is my old design. I have now updated it to more detailed and greebled.

Here we have the Y-wing, a really great piece of impressive terrain!

And finally, the first 2 segments of my walkways.

As you can see, there’s been some work done on the hobby front, but unfortunately not many games played.

I’ll try to post more regularly in the future!



Test of honour: small update

Hello dear reader, and welcome back!

I have been rather busy lately, and thus have not spent much time hobbying. The only thing I have got done is assembling 6 horses, as I have recently purchased the Clan forces card pack. I have only the horses assembled, as I am still unsure what armament and what kind of torsos they will be using.

I also got a shipment of 30 trees that I look forward to making terrain of! As i currently only have spruce’s from my frostgrave terrain in tree way (not counting the bamboo groves i have made), I’ll look forward to adding a little bit of diverse greenery to the terrain mix!

Until next time!



Test of honour: First games

Welcome back dear reader!

Finally some good news! I played my first 2 games and boy was it fun!

Me and my friend had our first get together in a long while, and instead of our Frostgrave campaign we tried out the first introductory battle and the first scenario in the linked game. The rules introduction was a breeze, and he quite fast got the gist of them and we were ready to begin.

The first battle was the usual new game, diving into the rules to check if we were doing it right every 5 minutes. both managed to take out a spearman before i managed to deal a terrible blow to his samurai, which sent him reeling with a lingering wound to the next scenario. My win!

The second game was a real nailbiter. I chose my forces very poorly, relying on a musket group, 1 musketman and a gunnery sergeant. This was a mistake, as my strategy was to hold the 3 point with 2 spearman and my samurai hero, while my musketmen would flank and harass him. Little did I know that I had to set aside 5 points of troops! This turned my plan upside down, as I put away the musketmen, but chose to keep my sergeant in the middle of the board with my melee troops, thus robbing myself of the Sergeant’s ability for faster reloads. Good for me that the dice gods where on my side, and had forsaken him.

turn 4 off 5. My spearman fending of his, while my Sergeant is fighting for his life. my samurai blocking the way to the objective
state of the board on turn five. My musketman group holding one objective, his lone spearman the other and my samurai desperately trying to kill his other spearman
Board layout. Super fun little scenario!

Even Though the game ended in a draw, I really felt like a winner! The biggest loser in the game were his archers. They only managed to cause a single blood drop in 5 rounds of improved shooting.

I really look forward to our next match, and I really need to get more troops done! this was only 15 points, and I almost used all the troops I have!

Until next time!



Test of Honour: Bandits

Welcome back to the blog!

I finally managed to get some paints on the Bandits I have been working on!

First up my ranged units

Coming in at a whopping 4 points are my ranged options. One Armoured Bandit bowman and One Armoured Bandit Musketman.

my force of ruffians

Second my meat and potatoes, 3 Armoured Bandits. Can be taken as individual units for 1 point each, or as a group for 2 points. 2 are armed with katanas, and one with a heavy sword. If taken as a group, all weapons counts as katanas.

Bandit Chief and bruiser

Lastly my Cheif and bruiser. My chief is a real bandit, already taken 2 heads to impress his underlings to follow his lead.

Soon to bandit in a village near you!

Tried to keep the bandits a bit different to the “faction” samurai, by using quite dark colour for the armour pieces. Only problem is that they look a bit too “proper” for being bandits.

I feel that a head swap to some more “wild” looking heads would already have done much to convey the Bandit-y feel they now lack. I also feel that they have too much armour to be proper bandits, as they really should almost be dressed in rag to be proper bandits in my mind.

Good thing that I can sub them as a third faction once I get some more Ashigaru troops made. Then again i probably need more Ashigarus for my 2 already existing factions to get more variety. That means more putting models together again!



Test of honour: Unarmoured Samurai

Hello and welcome back!

As the header suggests, this post is related to unarmoured samurai.

I finally had time to complete a tabletop standard paintjob to the unarmored samurai included as a bonus in the second edition Test Of Honour Box.

In my opinion this is a phenomenal sculpt, as I feel it really conveys the feeling of the classic ” oh you are surrounding me, better draw my sword half way to be able to explode into action” poses.

I feel I really should get some more of these unarmoured variants of the samurai. I know that North Star makes a nice line of these, so I may have to check them out in the future.

Showcased in the first picture is also some new pieces of terrain. The wattle fences are from thingiverse and look super! Really easy to print and paint, and really sell a urban settlement style of look.

The other is the barrelcart, also 3D printed from thingiverse. I don’t really think it looks 100% in its element here, I fell it has a more medieval European design to it. I love them none the less as I always need more terrain to my Games of frostgrave.

That’s all for this time.



Test of Honour: slow week

Welcome back dear reader!

Hobbying has been a bit slow after I got back to work, with pretty much overtime lately.

I have had some time designing a bit of 3D models for the game though!

Adding to my collection of 3D models on thingiverse, I have now added Rice Paddies and Storage Huts/ Peasant houses to download and print, Free of charge of course. As I need things I’ll try to model it up, and I always try to post them on thingiverse for you to enjoy.

On the painting side, It’s been really slow also. The Bandits are still not primed, and a house I 3D printed isn’t really progressing either.

What i have got done is this:

Bamboo Groves!

Made with packaging foam (small balls variant), they were super easy to make.

  • Cut to size
  • Basecoat with glue and black craft paint mix
  • paint brown
  • dry brush highlights to the piece
  • Superglue Bamboo in place
  • Flock
  • Done

I also tried out the starting scenario for fun and to learn the rules. It’ll be good to have a rudimentary understanding of the game when I finally get one game in!

Spoiler: Shimazu (green) won

I still feel I have too little terrain fitting for this era, and I’ll need to address that issue as a priority, I think.

Until next time!