Sohei temple guards

Hello and welcome back!

Today we finish the Sohei faction troops from the Temple guard box from Grey for now games.

Picture credit Ebay

This box come packed with bodies to make:

  • 3 Temple Guards, armed with Paired swords, heavy club and Heavy sword
  • 1 Sohei Gunnery Sergeant/ Sohei Sergeant
  • 1 Sohei Creed Bearer
  • 1 Superior Saburo /Mounted Sohei superior / Mounted Sohei Abbot

The models are Metal, so not much that can be made in terms of equipment or poses.

These sculpts are fantastic! The swords are of course made of metal, and as such they are really flimsy and bendy. I wonder when they will change to plastic weapons on metal minis?

These can be put togeter to form a 19 point list:

  • Superior Saburo 8p
  • Sohei creed banner 2p
  • sohei Sergeant with musket 3p
  • 3xSohei temple guard 6p

Not really there yet, so you would need some more models. For these I recommend the warlord Naginata monks I previously painted, as these fit nicely into the theme.

This concludes my Sohei force for test of honor! These two boxes gives me a lot of units to work with, the only unit missing is the Sohei bowmen that I just can’t seem to find anymore. I could swear I saw a warlord box of them earlier but can’t seem to find them anymore. If you know of this, do shoot me a comment where to find them!

On the board game front, I just purchased Root.

I managed to test a few games against the AI that comes in the expansion box, and I really liked the concept of the game! I cant wait to get a gaming night together again. (last one I hosted turned into a super spreader event. Didn’t know I had corona… )

See you soon and stay safe folks!


The Temple Monks

Hey all and welcome back!

As I promised, I have expanded on the forces for Test of Honour. This time I have painted the Warlord of Ehrewon box of Sohei Warrior with Naginatas.

Picture credit of

Interestingly I don’t seem to find them anymore on Warlords homepages, I really hope that they haven’t discontinued the models, as these are very nice sculpts. Also the quality of the sculpts were great, almost no flash. The only downside working with metals is that the naginata’s shafts are very bendy, and thus get bent out of shape really easily.

The box comes with enough bodies to make 10 warriors armed with naginatas. I went with a bit of my own way, as I wanted to also make some armed with Teppos (muskets). So I made a little bit of a conversion on three of them to get a 3 man squad.

As you can see on the right most Naginata, is has bent funnily in many places
3 warriors and one sergeant
not the best but it’s something

Quite a nice little force! To play with these you either need the Temple guard force or the Enemy forces expansion cards. As these are unarmored you could also download the free Sohei bonuscards from test of honour own website.

Using templeguards cards these would be played as Sohei fanatics:

Sohei Sergeant: 2 points

Sohei Fanatiscs x2: 6 points

Sohei musketmen group: 3 points

Total of 11 points. Not quite a full forces but a great start of one.

Using the enemy forces and bonus cards these would be played as normal Sohei:

Sohei Abbot: 4 points

Sohei With Naginata group x2: 4 points

Unarmoured Sohei Musketmen: 3 points

Total of eleven points.

Using these you could also do them as single units:

Sohei Abbot: 4 points

Sohei with naginata x6: 6 points

Unarmoured Sohei with musket x3: 6 points

Total of 16 points.

If you want to build them with a hero you could do it like this:

Sohei superior: 5 points

Sohei abbot: 4 points

Sohei Desciple: 4 points

Sohei with Naginata: 1 point

Sohei with naginatas: 2 points

Unarmoured Sohei with musket: 3 points

Total of 19 points. As you can see, this box does not quite give you a full 24 point group, instead it gives you a nice start for a flavorful band of monks. To fill this out, you could buy any of these boxes –>

  • Sohei monk buntai by north star 24£
  • Another box of Sohei with naginata
  • Sohei Temple Guard 35£
  • Rennyo, Keeper of the Gate 5,50£

This will give you a lot of choice for making a 24 point warband, giving you almost all the options for both regular sohei and the Temple guard sohei units.

There you have it!

Thanks for the read, and see you next time.


Expanding the basic forces

Hey all!

Been working on expanding my basic forces, as I feel that I needed some more basic ashigaru troops. This also helps me get through some of the sprues I still have laying around from my first purchase. I really gotta say that Warlords samurai army really is a great bang for your buck if you want to start with Test of honour!

Here we have 2 three man squads of ashigaru, for the armies I currently have. I finally tried to paint the bindings on the armor, and i think it really does give a lot to the model. Now I just need to go through all my previously painted troops and paint them also…

Here we have the newest troops for a third faction, the Oda! These can also be subbed in for allied troops in case I want to go ashigaru heavy listbuilding.

Damn, thats a lot of new bodies to add to the collection!

Next time I’m expanding to a new faction, stay tuned!



Sneaky stabby bois

More miniatures painted! Continuing with the Test of Honour game, we have some ninjas to look at. These are the Warlords of Erehwon ninjas, coming with 10 ninjas in the box.

The interesting thing with the ninjas is that they are counted to be armed 2 swords, and have throwing weapons to shoot with. They also come with their own themed quests and item cards for flavor.

Kato the shadow sneaking in with the bois

To be able to play a ninja warband, you need to also purchase the card pack Clan forces expansion set. This will give you the necessary card to be able to field a 24 point ninja warband.

The warlord of Ehrevon box could be built following:

Ninja master 6 point

Ninja lieutenant 5 point

Ninja assassin 5 point

2xNinja group 3 point

Ninja 2 point


Kato the shadow 7 point

Ninja Lieutenant 5 point

Ninja assassin 5 point

Ninja group 3 point

2xNinja 2 point


Kato the shadow 7 point

Ninja Lieutenant/assasin 5 point

2xNinja group 3 point

2xNinja 2 point

That leaves 2 points to use on something else, or if you have got the Samurai heroes pack, you can use the miniature of the ninja to represent Kato the Shadow, and add another ninja for 2 points.

The last one is the hail Mary list with activation galore:

Ninja master 6 point

9xNinja 2 point

Ninjas can also be sprinkled in in other list for flavour, or as you can see, be run as a warband of their own. Remember to take their quests and items, and prepare yourself for flavor town!

Have a good one!



Palate clense with swords

The last few models (58 of them!) have been scifi themed, and I thought I’d switch it up a bit. As you all know I also play the game Test of honour (try to at least, trouble to find opponents and time to), a skirmish style wargame set in Snegoku jidai eraof Japan. That means Samurai minis to paint! Intrestingly, the box I bought is actually not ToH branded at all, it is instead branded as Warlords of ehrewon, seems that there is something funny going on, probably an asset buy-out in the past.

To be able to play with these minis officially, you actually need another thing, Cards! These come in card packs with almost a hundred card per pack, and unfortunately you have to buy two of them to get all the cards. The flip side is, you get a TOOOON of cards. Not only other units, but also quest and items!

This is the clan forces and enemy forces expansion sets, look at that card amount!

Groupe picture! (- one sneaky ninja)
Chobei the blurry face
Geisha spy
Kato the Shadow
Onna-bugeisha Banner bearer
Senzo the thorn
Tadashi the dishonored
Sensei Kamiizami-Kanchou
Haven’t been able to find the card for this guy, could be it’s only a regular unarmed samurai

And there we have it, a few models, and a TON of cards. And pictures, lets not forget them.

Have a good one!



Stellar conflicts! (part 3)


I got some more Legion painted!

Death troopers

Gotta be the easiest paintjob ever. Black, green, metal drybrush, done.

Fun Idea; White Death Troopers?

befor getting saber:d by Vader

Gotta say, this is the best paintjob in a long time. I really like the range of paints I chose for them. Finally I got to use purple on someting!

Boba fett!

Finally Mr Green Mando himself, Bob Fett! Always regretted that I never bought him, and seeing all the book of boba stuff on the net, I thought screw it.

Fun idea, convert and paint as Jango fett?

Stellar Conflicts! (part 2)


I seem to never bee able to get my post up regularly.. Work has been killing me lately again, but there is hope for the future!

At least I got my clone wars starter done!

The hardest of the bunch, painting white on vehicles is miserable to paint. Glad I’m not doing more of these.

Roger Roger!

As i did with the clones, here we also have some swapped arms and legs. The overall feeling of the sculpts being unique really comes to play with just a small bit of tweaking! Funnily also, the B1:s really became more yellow than than, but I really like it! Paint recipe is as follows:

  1. white prime
  2. Kislev flesh!
  3. casandora yellow wash
  4. Drake tooth drybrush
angry rolling noise

Droidekas are though to build, not gonna lie. Paints up really nice though, and you get 4 models in the box!

Mister cough-in-your-face

And at last, the cyborg general himself. Chose the 4 saber iconic look, as this is In my opinion the most badass look for him from the movies. I can’t ever forget the the first time I saw his battle with obi-wan, magnificent!

Now I just need an opponent to play with.. and more boxes of stuff to paint!

Until next time!



Clone wars! (and other stellar conflicts)

Back again with a few updates!

Still mean to fix the face and lightsaber glow. The flow medium I used seemed to be shiny..

My gripe with the first core set where that the miniatures where so same-y, so I decided to do a bit of kitbashing. As you can see, my clones have unique poses. These are only arm swapped, but does so much for the general feel of the sculpts. I really got to give props to the designers, as the poses are really dynamic.

I also got my copy of Eclipse: second dawn of the galaxy and oh boy I gotta tell you, they knocked it out of the park with this one. Managed to play two 4-player game and it was a blast!

The new visuals and layouts are miles ahead the old one, already that is enough to recommend it as a purchase

I came in 4 place as Planta (explorers) after a horrible first explores and a early war with Orion (militarists). Machenema (builders) managed to blunt my desperate incursion into his orbital filled hexes in the last minute, and I never financially recovered, leaving my hexes exposed for counter-incursions. Respectable 29 points still, with Eridani (cashboosted) managed to steal cnter hex and win the game.

Second game I went with Decedents (Npc Allies) and came in second. My plans was thwarted by the Hydran (researchers) players last gambit for points, leaving me with the worst combat score ever. One 1 point vp for fighting in total.

The small changes really makes this a beautiful game to play. Setup and tear down is so fast I can’t even really imagine going back to first edition, even with the expansions and all.

Hope you have a good one!



Happy new year!

Welcome back and a happy new year to y’all! I hope you had a nice holiday, and that the new year has been treating you well.

This christmas went for me a bit differently, as my SO’s family was sick, so we ended up spending most of the holiday at home. This meant more hobbytime for me!

I went to my local craft store a few days ago, and found that they had started to carry inks. Of course I had to purchase a few different colours, and emmidietly found use of them!

I had not in a long time thought about Test of Honour, and the Inks became a great excuse to paint the troop of cavalry that has been in the works for ages. The black, green, blue and yellows are brush painted inks.

I really liked the inks. The colours are great on white primer, but tend to lack a bit when covering up other colours. The weakest of the bunch was the yellow, this is of course not a big surprise as the yellow pigments are notoriously bad across the board.

Two things; I need to really get my face painting skills better, as the faces are atrocious, and I wonder if I really should try to paint the bands on the samurai lamellar armour. Lookin at warlords pictures, they have them painted and it really makes the armours pop in the pictures.

Might have to revisit this in the future.


As I had been a good boy, santa came to visit us bearing gifts. Kidding, its corona and even santa should stay home and not visit strangers. This meant that I had to come up with my own christmas gifts!

What a haul!

It seems I got my work cut out for me in the coming days.

Stay tuned!

Wish you all the best.



Still here!

Well hello again dear readers, long time no see.

There has been a little bit of a hiatus since last time. What else can I say than work has been.. well lets be frank, horrible. Some people left the company, and I had to pick up their jobs also. The situation is looking better, and I have finally had some free time to spend with my family.

This does not mean I’ve been idle on the hobby side of things!

Where to start, I had some success and failures with the 3D printing side of things. I got some tanks and trucks printed, but was having some problems with resin remaining inside the models. This I have not had time to address, as I managed to puncture the FEP film and get resin on the screen, resulting in a unusable printer. This happend twice.

I have not yet ordered a second screen. I will probably try to use it as is, until i find the motivation to order the part I need. Remember folks:



Tally of fishing trips this summer: 1

Fish caught: 1

Rocks caught with the propeller this year: 0

carrying on.

Bolt action!

Panzer IV With Shürtzen

Quite a few units done!

Thought about running them as 1000 point lists, but I have yet to find an opponent.

The tanks and trucks are 3D printed as you probably can see. The soviets are the Soviet infantry box from warlord. This box contains 40 infantry models, that can be equipped with panzerfausts, molotovs, light machine guns etc. The Germans are from the blitzkrieg infantry box from warlord. This box makes 30 germans with LMG’s and smgs or rifles.

The quality of the models are quite good, not Games workshop quality but nevertheless nice ones. The only gripe I have is the warlord sculpts don’t have the weapons modeled in the hands, this makes the modeling aspect a bit tricky,as they never stay as you want them!

This is of course only my opinion. The flip side is the possibility of modelling when the weapons come individually on the sprue.

Hopefully this corona stuff is slowly going away, so that I can find some opponents to play!