The Temple Monks

Hey all and welcome back!

As I promised, I have expanded on the forces for Test of Honour. This time I have painted the Warlord of Ehrewon box of Sohei Warrior with Naginatas.

Picture credit of

Interestingly I don’t seem to find them anymore on Warlords homepages, I really hope that they haven’t discontinued the models, as these are very nice sculpts. Also the quality of the sculpts were great, almost no flash. The only downside working with metals is that the naginata’s shafts are very bendy, and thus get bent out of shape really easily.

The box comes with enough bodies to make 10 warriors armed with naginatas. I went with a bit of my own way, as I wanted to also make some armed with Teppos (muskets). So I made a little bit of a conversion on three of them to get a 3 man squad.

As you can see on the right most Naginata, is has bent funnily in many places
3 warriors and one sergeant
not the best but it’s something

Quite a nice little force! To play with these you either need the Temple guard force or the Enemy forces expansion cards. As these are unarmored you could also download the free Sohei bonuscards from test of honour own website.

Using templeguards cards these would be played as Sohei fanatics:

Sohei Sergeant: 2 points

Sohei Fanatiscs x2: 6 points

Sohei musketmen group: 3 points

Total of 11 points. Not quite a full forces but a great start of one.

Using the enemy forces and bonus cards these would be played as normal Sohei:

Sohei Abbot: 4 points

Sohei With Naginata group x2: 4 points

Unarmoured Sohei Musketmen: 3 points

Total of eleven points.

Using these you could also do them as single units:

Sohei Abbot: 4 points

Sohei with naginata x6: 6 points

Unarmoured Sohei with musket x3: 6 points

Total of 16 points.

If you want to build them with a hero you could do it like this:

Sohei superior: 5 points

Sohei abbot: 4 points

Sohei Desciple: 4 points

Sohei with Naginata: 1 point

Sohei with naginatas: 2 points

Unarmoured Sohei with musket: 3 points

Total of 19 points. As you can see, this box does not quite give you a full 24 point group, instead it gives you a nice start for a flavorful band of monks. To fill this out, you could buy any of these boxes –>

  • Sohei monk buntai by north star 24£
  • Another box of Sohei with naginata
  • Sohei Temple Guard 35£
  • Rennyo, Keeper of the Gate 5,50£

This will give you a lot of choice for making a 24 point warband, giving you almost all the options for both regular sohei and the Temple guard sohei units.

There you have it!

Thanks for the read, and see you next time.


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