Hello good folk! I’m back with new hobby related things again!

This time around, we will revisit feudal Japan in Test of Honour, with some rather nefarious characters I might add!

Just one point to add, to use these with the ‘right’ cards, you need to purchase the enemy forces card expansion separately, as this box only contain models.

First off, I feel we never thank the invisible people that work with packaging our hobby products that we buy, so I feel I just have to give a mention to my guy nick here! Thank you for this well packaged box of ne’er do-wells, the smiley face really made my day! (Also the first ‘blank’ warlord card I’ve seen)

What’s in the box?

In this box you will find not eight, not nine, but TEN finely sculpted metal villains armed with whatever these ruffians have managed to steal during their life in crime.

Loving the poses, brilliant!

First off three katana wielders. Going by their cards from the Enemy forces card expansion, they are the named character Oni no Kojiro, a bandit and a bandit bruiser.

Sticks and sickles

Generic bandits

Look at that marvelous chin!

Bandit bowmen

Good boys have clean socks!

Bandit lieutenant and bandit musketman

Oh man what great sculpts!


so you want to run a 24 point list with grizzly thieves? Well you’re in luck for a change! This box comes with exactly that!

Bandits & Brigands

  • Oni No Kojiro 6p
  • Bandit Bruiser 4p
  • Bandit lieutenant 4p
  • Bandit musketman 2p
  • Bandit bowman 2p x2
  • Bandit 1p x4

Here you have got a named character starting with the Thief skill card, some muscle, shooting and activations. What’s not to love!

Next time I’m thinking about reviewing the cards, stay tuned!



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