A bit of an update

Been a while since i posted something here, going to work 06.00 and coming home 18.00 tends to inhibit posting on a blog. Time not spent working or sleeping has been devoted to being with my daughter, so the hobby side of thing have been taking a hit recently!


Firstly, I have managed to go fishing! I usually wake up 05.30 in the morning, this is bad on the weekends. But I decided to go fishing instead of trying to sleep again. Managed to snag this picture of the morning sunrise.

Best thing of being a early bird!

Didn’t catch any fish though, which was a bummer!

I managed to paint the first of my resin printed models, turned out fine.

WORT WORT! (or like me, WORK WORK!)
Going for that sweet Halo CE colour style, and not really nailing it
Who doesn’t love grunts???
Scale comparison

Printed at a 28mm scale, I’m probably going to try to make the into teams for the new Killteam version the just launched. When I’ll find someone to play with, that’s another story…

My mate that’s currently living in another city, and is a fellow star wars nerd, visited and we managed to get one game of armada in.

Still looking good

Started out ok’ish and then went downhill fast for my rebels.

Did’nt last long though

My squadball managed to knock out his Victory, but not before he took a potshot at my badly damaged nebulon, and managing to kill it with a crit, rendering my pincer move a failure. He then managed to score a monster hit with his IMP star destroyer, making my flagship a smoldering heap and killing my Admiral.

My win loose ratio against him, with the rebels, is now a solid 100%. Pretty depressing really.

But I will prevail! The rebel alliance will find Victory one day!

On another note, I found anew game system (again)!

I recently got intrested in historicals, getting three armies ready. I now looked for something more modern and discovered Bolt Action! Beeing a bit of an older game, I discovered that the reddit community was still alive and healthy.

I found a good lot of models on thingiverse, and decided to print 2 T-34s at 1/56 Scale. I think they are a tad bit too small when comparing them with my other 28mm models, So going forward I will instead opt for 1/48 scale when printing.


One of them failed in the curing process and will be made into burning wreck terrain. Dunno how, but although I washed them in IPA, there seems to have been a bit of leftover resin that cured and ruined the print.

But it’s not all bad, the reinforced platoon and list usually only has one slot for tanks so the damaged is marginal. There was also some interesting residue after the IPA wash, white stuff that had to be removed with a blade. Dunno what it is, probably the IPA is starting to become saturated with the resin and that is probably whats been deposited on the models.

I have also bought a box of soviet and german infantry from fantasyweld, a bit of a bummer that is took 18 days to get the stuff into stock and shipped. I’ll have to see if I’ll use them again in the future, but seeing that the UK is now out of the question for buying stuff, I’ll have to find some reliable vendor in Finland that carries bolt action models.


That was a bit of an update.

Hopefully I will be able to do these more frequently in the future, but damn life is busy right now. Pro tip, working for the family company can really suck sometimes.

Until next time!


New Printer!

Welcome back!

Work has been a hassle, but I have managed to get some hobbying done!


One of my favorite hobbies, boating and fishing!

Unfortunately I haven’t been able to go fish yet, but I’m hoping that I soon will have the chance!

Next, I finally took the plunge and got a new printer!

A Elegoo mars 2 pro, and it is fantastic!

First print!
Second print!

As you can see, pretty nice results!

Super nice printer for a beginner in resin printing, out of the box, an easy leveling procedure and off you go!

See you next time!



Still kicking around

Hey guys and welcome back!

Life looks up a bit, knock on wood. Everything seems to be fine with the missus, but the last check up came back inconclusive,as the doctors (again) don’t really have an answer if the thing they cut out was a cancer or something else, or if there’s still some left in her abdomen of it.

You’d think that Finland has good healthcare, but man, if something happens the doctors really don’t have a clue. Really wondering if the astronomical salaries here for them are warranted…

In hobby news, I got Chewie, Han and Krennic painted and based. Shot for a normal forest theme, to match with the other units basing. Krennic was a bit special, as i haven’t really painted much White (except stormies) before, and though I have a bottle of apothecary white contrast paint, I chose to not go that route. Krennic is the first mini I have not used a wash on!

As I always am a bit sloppy with the washes, I chose not to risk staining the white as It’s a pain to correct. Instead I chose to start with a bit darker colours and work up from there.

Can’t wait to get a game in, now that the corona restrictions are letting up a bit and vaccinations are becoming more widespread.

Hope you have a great summer!



Life goes on


These have been rough weeks, not gonna lie.

As you know, I became a dad a few weeks ago. Happiest moment in my life. Then things started going downhill.

We had been living in family bliss a few weeks when my S.O started experiencing pains in the abdomen region and starting to have fevers. Finally got her to call up the maternity ward and got her checked in. They took some tests, and the CRP was over 300. Immediate antibiotics and painkillers intravenously, and the doctors found something unsettling in her abdomen.

One CT later, turns out she has a 20cm tumor/thing in her abdomen. That all the hospital people have missed during pregnancy ultra sounds etc. It’s the cause of the infection the doctors tells us.

Fast forward a week after we got home and had a surgery scheduled, guess what, fevers are back. So back to the maternity ward and a express surgery booked. They cut out the thing, but lo and behold, it’s not the cause of the infection, it’s now according to doctors the appendix (probably).

So yeah, finally got her home a few days ago. Been a bit rough to try to take care of a little baby with her mother hospitalized, luckily for me granny came through and has been helping me out with caring for the baby.

So yeah, that’s whats been going on. Super stressed out.

On the other hand, i got Han and Chewie painted up.

Followed sorastros guide on youtube, check it out!
Fur turned out greener than i’d like, but eh, tabletop distanced he looks grayer.

Not the best paint jobs, but it'll do. Had to take my mind of the things mentioned above. Still need to get the basing done, but I'm gonna paint up Crennic and then base all three models at a time.

So yeah. I'll try to post as much as I can but time is a bit on the lesser side nowadays.

Hope you all are having a better summer than I have.



A little update

Hey Guys!

A little update for you.

I’m now a dad!

This of course comes with its own challenges hobby-wise, as a toddler really takes up a lot of your time as parent. This still doesn’t mean I’ll completely stop doing what I like doing in my spare time, it just means I have to hobby faster!

First off, what I have got done in two weeks time… A batch of orcs!

These are Mordor orcs for Middle-earth strategy battle game, or MSBG for short. Fast and easy paint job, but still it takes forever when the SO needs your help every 10 minutes.

And here’s my backlog.. told you I had a few models coming in! Still waiting for my rulebooks that have been missing since 19.4.. goddang mail carriers!

Fast and easy project that currently is on my table, gotta get it painted before my next game with the missus youngest brother! Really a shame that I don’t get in more games of Legion, as it’s really a terrific game.

Next up some board game recommendations for pregnant couples to play while being isolated!

First off, a terrific game about bicycles! Flamme Rouge is a 2-4 player game of racing, where your team consisting of a Rouleur and a Sprinteur have to race to be the first (or furthest) across the finish line. Plays well with two players, but really shines with four. Easy to learn, as my 5 year old nephew managed to score a decisive win against me and my SO.

Quacks! Favorite of my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, a game of pushing your luck while drawing ingredients from your bag and hoping your pot doesn’t explode in your face! When I introduced it to the in-laws, we managed to play it 4 more times during the same evening back-to-back!

The box comes with a lot of variety, as you can mix and match the different ingredients effects to crate new combinations. Has a really nice mechanic for players a bit left behind to catch up to the lead players, without feeling unfair.

Well there we have it, everything that has been going on the last 3 weeks.

Hope you have a good time and thanks for reading!



Saga warbands Finished! (so far)

Hello all!

I managed to kit bash a unit of levy Archer, so finally I have a better ranged option available!

And there we have it, the whole army is completed!

What a project it has been!

I set out with a vague idea in my mind to finally take the plunge into the world of historical miniatures and boy was it a rabbi thole. This project has been the hobby time sink since January and I have enjoyed it thoroughly!

What was used for this project?

The base of the miniatures where the 4 boxes of miniatures that I posted in an earlier post.

1 box of Hail Caesar Celtic Warriors

1 box of Hail Caesar Viking Bondi

1 Box of Hail Caesar Saxon Thegns

1 Box of Gripping Beast Dark age Warriors

These went well together and could be kit bashed to make them have different poses, weapons and heads to look coherent as a Warband.

And now I find myself in a bit of a hobby slump..What to do now? This project has been MASSIVE for the likes of normal hobbyist as me, and this has been on my mind since January. Where do I go now? The deadline for this project was the birth of our child (which is coming any day now!) as I will not have as much time anymore to do my hobby stuff as much as I want anymore.


Didn’t I get some Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game miniatures in the mail..?



Saga: Scot/welsh Warband

Hello dear reader and welcome back!

This Eastern proved fruitful, as I got a lot of hobby work done (first 4 free days in a long while).

I present to you my completed 4 point warband of Scots/Welsh.

First off I feel obligated to praise the Hail Ceasar guys for making the box of Celtic warriors I used to make this models. I really liked these! Comparing the CW box with the Saxon Thenges and Viking Bondi boxes, the CW box’s heads were a treat to paint! So much character! The bodies were so-so, as they are quite mono-pose and hard to make something unique of, but ooh boy did I like tinkering more with them than the other boxes. Something never clicked with the other two as it did with this one.

First off, we have our Warlord. As usual he is on the wrong size base, as he sits on a 25mm instead of a 40 mm base. Good news is that I finally have ordered some new parts for the 3-d printer and hope that it’ll arrive shortly.

Next up, two units of Heartguard, clad in chain-mail. These guys are modeled to be able to be distinguished as both Scot spear-men and Welsh javelineers.

Then we have our two units of Warriors, numerous and armed (mostly) with spear and javelin.

Lastly the army view, of a 4 point warband for Scots/Welsh.


I have also finished painting the 2 units of Levy to be added to any warband that needs them.

They turned out a bit plain looking but what can you do.

As you can see, I have started to finish the basing of the bases, and hope to have them ready soon.

Now I need to make myself some bow Levy. I hope I have enough non-armoured models still laying around to kit bash as most of the Warbands can take these units. Then I think I need some Cavalry models to boot. What’s a Warband without mounted men!?

Have a nice week, and stay safe!



SAGA: Anglo-Danish/saxon warband

Hello all!

Back again with a painting update to my saga warbands. This time the Anglo- factions.

First two units of Hearthguard, gotta say that the decals on the big round shields are atrocious.. really not a good fit, as the shield is a bit curved backwards, and the decal refuses to fit it leaving it not flat at all…

Next two units of Warriors, same problem as before, the decals for the big round shields refuses to conform to the shape and looks funky.. sigh..

Here we have a Hearthguard unit, armed with the double handed Dane axes, Usable by the Anglo-Dane faction.

Last up the Warlord, I still have them on the wrong base… I’d need to get my 3-d printer fixed to get a 40mm base to put him on.

Here we have the whole warband. This is a 4 point warband for the Anglo-Saxons, and 5 points for the Anglo-danes. This is because the Saxons can’t field a unit of Dane axes.

I’m really hoping this corona business would get under control soon. I really want to get a game in with my friends now that I have 2 full 5 point warbands to play with!

I hope you all are well during these trying times.



Saga: Viking Warband

Hello dear reader!

I have made some painting progress with my warbands for
Saga and I thought I would share with you some of the progress I have made!

First off, the model I will use as my Warlord. I realized a bit too late that I had based my warlords on the wrong size base, so I will have to try somehow to correct this in the future. Fortunately the basing progress is not yet done, so I might be able to salvage it still.

Next, two units of Hearthguard. I hate how inaccurate historically the horned helmets are, but love the sculpt as it brings fun variation to the miniatures.

Third, two units of Warriors ready for a brawl!

Last but not least a unit of Heartguard Berserkers!

And there we have the Viking 5 Point Warband painted.

Hope you liked it!



Core space, because space is cool

Hello dear reader!

As you read in my last post, I finally got my core space box in the post.

And of course I had to ditch what I was doing and start ticering away with the minis (and terrain!).

Well what is this Core space you ask? Well it is a terrain pack, that comes with it’s own miniatures game bundled! Well…

Core space is a miniatures game pitching the player controlled trader crews versus other player controlled trader crews. Acting as the big omnipotent threat is the evil robots called the purge, that continuously arrive at different points on the board, trying to take down the player controlled trader crews. The goal for the players vary depending on the scenario, but basically, get in, grab loot, try to escape alive with hordes of robots pursuing you.

Lets introduce the baddies in the box!

First off we have the harvester. These are the weakest and most numerous of the the NPC:s in the box. First enemies to spawn in, and melee oriented.

Next up, the more scary robots (and live one!), From left to right: Assassin, Live one, Devastator.

The Assassin is a robot that always if able goes for the closest captain of the trader crews, if possible.

The Live one is the big baddie, with scary stats but gives you a special token if you take him down.

The Devastators are simpleminded machines, with BIG GUNS. Armored, but must take linked actions so can with a bit of smart play be avoided.

On to the crews!

The base box comes with 2 crews, the Black maria and The Ion hope, but I purchased 2 additional expansion pack crews, to be able to get more players on the table ( If I can drum up some interest in my normal playgroup..)

Ion Hope,Left to right: Arianna, Tirgarde, Roykirk and Gak
Black Maria crev, left to right: Jace, Beck, Renton and Lars
The Skylark crew: MAC, Marlowe, Faye and Weaver
The Posidon Crew: Thoman, PI, Teelac and Hoskins

And there we go!

All the miniatures of the Core box and 2 expansions painted up. This is a special project for me to boot, as this is the first time I have based miniatures on clear acrylic bases! The bases are 2mm clear acrylic, but I think I should have gone with 1mm instead. As they are 2mm they stick up a bit too much fore my taste.

Thanks again for your time! See you soon.