Roger on!

Hey guys!

Been a while since my last update, but work is and continues to be hectic. One piece of good news from all of this is; we sold one of the companies. This should theoretically give me more time for stuff other than work, but some details still has me working for the new owner for a set amount of time during the transition window.

Whats new:

I managed to get a hold of 2 boxes of star wars legion! And promptly painted them.

First up Separatists

new units! Sniper and Radiation cannon being new interesting additions!

Keeping with my current paint scheme, only four this round. I must say I’m not really sold on my paint-job. I was going for Tra-fed colours, but I think they come out too yellow with my wash, I think I might still need to dry brush them a tan colour. Also quite hard to paint the OOM series markings when the droid is already yellow! Only this means I have to strip the whole B1 army I have.. yay! (also managed to not get the right orange on the base, so still might have to redo that)

Next up GAR

wait, does it Echo in here?..

A box of upgraded clone troopers, nothing fancy other than painting skin on troopers for a change. This box also has the addition to have trooper heads, nifty for future kit bashes!

This finally gives me the 2 corps units I needed to be able to field legal lists for the GAR and separatists. Not that it matters, as I have no one to play with.


Tried photography with a black background for this post, and here is a sneak peak of my setup.

And yes. My hobby space has been converted into a guestroom. My man cave is no more. (only changed places, don’t worry)

This is for the better, as is really saved our bacon during the warmest days during summer. Plus, who doesn’t like having guests over!

So a few new things, hopefully more to come.



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