Sohei temple guards

Hello and welcome back!

Today we finish the Sohei faction troops from the Temple guard box from Grey for now games.

Picture credit Ebay

This box come packed with bodies to make:

  • 3 Temple Guards, armed with Paired swords, heavy club and Heavy sword
  • 1 Sohei Gunnery Sergeant/ Sohei Sergeant
  • 1 Sohei Creed Bearer
  • 1 Superior Saburo /Mounted Sohei superior / Mounted Sohei Abbot

The models are Metal, so not much that can be made in terms of equipment or poses.

These sculpts are fantastic! The swords are of course made of metal, and as such they are really flimsy and bendy. I wonder when they will change to plastic weapons on metal minis?

These can be put togeter to form a 19 point list:

  • Superior Saburo 8p
  • Sohei creed banner 2p
  • sohei Sergeant with musket 3p
  • 3xSohei temple guard 6p

Not really there yet, so you would need some more models. For these I recommend the warlord Naginata monks I previously painted, as these fit nicely into the theme.

This concludes my Sohei force for test of honor! These two boxes gives me a lot of units to work with, the only unit missing is the Sohei bowmen that I just can’t seem to find anymore. I could swear I saw a warlord box of them earlier but can’t seem to find them anymore. If you know of this, do shoot me a comment where to find them!

On the board game front, I just purchased Root.

I managed to test a few games against the AI that comes in the expansion box, and I really liked the concept of the game! I cant wait to get a gaming night together again. (last one I hosted turned into a super spreader event. Didn’t know I had corona… )

See you soon and stay safe folks!


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