Palate clense with swords

The last few models (58 of them!) have been scifi themed, and I thought I’d switch it up a bit. As you all know I also play the game Test of honour (try to at least, trouble to find opponents and time to), a skirmish style wargame set in Snegoku jidai eraof Japan. That means Samurai minis to paint! Intrestingly, the box I bought is actually not ToH branded at all, it is instead branded as Warlords of ehrewon, seems that there is something funny going on, probably an asset buy-out in the past.

To be able to play with these minis officially, you actually need another thing, Cards! These come in card packs with almost a hundred card per pack, and unfortunately you have to buy two of them to get all the cards. The flip side is, you get a TOOOON of cards. Not only other units, but also quest and items!

This is the clan forces and enemy forces expansion sets, look at that card amount!

Groupe picture! (- one sneaky ninja)
Chobei the blurry face
Geisha spy
Kato the Shadow
Onna-bugeisha Banner bearer
Senzo the thorn
Tadashi the dishonored
Sensei Kamiizami-Kanchou
Haven’t been able to find the card for this guy, could be it’s only a regular unarmed samurai

And there we have it, a few models, and a TON of cards. And pictures, lets not forget them.

Have a good one!



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