Hello good folk! I’m back with new hobby related things again! This time around, we will revisit feudal Japan in Test of Honour, with some rather nefarious characters I might add! Just one point to add, to use these with the ‘right’ cards, you need to purchase the enemy forces card expansion separately, as thisContinue reading “Banditry!”

Roger on!

Hey guys! Been a while since my last update, but work is and continues to be hectic. One piece of good news from all of this is; we sold one of the companies. This should theoretically give me more time for stuff other than work, but some details still has me working for the newContinue reading “Roger on!”

Sohei temple guards

Hello and welcome back! Today we finish the Sohei faction troops from the Temple guard box from Grey for now games. This box come packed with bodies to make: 3 Temple Guards, armed with Paired swords, heavy club and Heavy sword 1 Sohei Gunnery Sergeant/ Sohei Sergeant 1 Sohei Creed Bearer 1 Superior Saburo /MountedContinue reading “Sohei temple guards”


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