Expanding the basic forces

Hey all!

Been working on expanding my basic forces, as I feel that I needed some more basic ashigaru troops. This also helps me get through some of the sprues I still have laying around from my first purchase. I really gotta say that Warlords samurai army really is a great bang for your buck if you want to start with Test of honour!

Here we have 2 three man squads of ashigaru, for the armies I currently have. I finally tried to paint the bindings on the armor, and i think it really does give a lot to the model. Now I just need to go through all my previously painted troops and paint them also…

Here we have the newest troops for a third faction, the Oda! These can also be subbed in for allied troops in case I want to go ashigaru heavy listbuilding.

Damn, thats a lot of new bodies to add to the collection!

Next time I’m expanding to a new faction, stay tuned!



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