Sprue utilization

back with a quick update on using all the sprue parts.

Next up the Super tactical droid. The box comes with 3 different cards, Kalani, Kracken and a generic Super tac. The sprues only enables you to build one of them, as it only comes with one torso.

I tried using the blue Stuff from my last post, but no dice. I think that the putty I use isn’t really working too good, as it seems to expand a bit. This makes me unable to continue my experimentation until I get hold of Green stuff putty.

Instead I turned to 3D printing. I found a nice split up model that enabled me to print out the parts I needed.

generic Super Tac, Kalani and Kracken

In this case I was able to find a 3D model that perfectly worked with the legion parts, Will return when I have them painted so I can compare them better.

Until then, Cheers!


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