Test of Honour: Bandits

Welcome back to the blog!

I finally managed to get some paints on the Bandits I have been working on!

First up my ranged units

Coming in at a whopping 4 points are my ranged options. One Armoured Bandit bowman and One Armoured Bandit Musketman.

my force of ruffians

Second my meat and potatoes, 3 Armoured Bandits. Can be taken as individual units for 1 point each, or as a group for 2 points. 2 are armed with katanas, and one with a heavy sword. If taken as a group, all weapons counts as katanas.

Bandit Chief and bruiser

Lastly my Cheif and bruiser. My chief is a real bandit, already taken 2 heads to impress his underlings to follow his lead.

Soon to bandit in a village near you!

Tried to keep the bandits a bit different to the “faction” samurai, by using quite dark colour for the armour pieces. Only problem is that they look a bit too “proper” for being bandits.

I feel that a head swap to some more “wild” looking heads would already have done much to convey the Bandit-y feel they now lack. I also feel that they have too much armour to be proper bandits, as they really should almost be dressed in rag to be proper bandits in my mind.

Good thing that I can sub them as a third faction once I get some more Ashigaru troops made. Then again i probably need more Ashigarus for my 2 already existing factions to get more variety. That means more putting models together again!



Test of honour: Unarmoured Samurai

Hello and welcome back!

As the header suggests, this post is related to unarmoured samurai.

I finally had time to complete a tabletop standard paintjob to the unarmored samurai included as a bonus in the second edition Test Of Honour Box.

In my opinion this is a phenomenal sculpt, as I feel it really conveys the feeling of the classic ” oh you are surrounding me, better draw my sword half way to be able to explode into action” poses.

I feel I really should get some more of these unarmoured variants of the samurai. I know that North Star makes a nice line of these, so I may have to check them out in the future.

Showcased in the first picture is also some new pieces of terrain. The wattle fences are from thingiverse and look super! Really easy to print and paint, and really sell a urban settlement style of look.

The other is the barrelcart, also 3D printed from thingiverse. I don’t really think it looks 100% in its element here, I fell it has a more medieval European design to it. I love them none the less as I always need more terrain to my Games of frostgrave.

That’s all for this time.



Test of Honour: slow week

Welcome back dear reader!

Hobbying has been a bit slow after I got back to work, with pretty much overtime lately.

I have had some time designing a bit of 3D models for the game though!

Adding to my collection of 3D models on thingiverse, I have now added Rice Paddies and Storage Huts/ Peasant houses to download and print, Free of charge of course. As I need things I’ll try to model it up, and I always try to post them on thingiverse for you to enjoy.

On the painting side, It’s been really slow also. The Bandits are still not primed, and a house I 3D printed isn’t really progressing either.

What i have got done is this:

Bamboo Groves!

Made with packaging foam (small balls variant), they were super easy to make.

  • Cut to size
  • Basecoat with glue and black craft paint mix
  • paint brown
  • dry brush highlights to the piece
  • Superglue Bamboo in place
  • Flock
  • Done

I also tried out the starting scenario for fun and to learn the rules. It’ll be good to have a rudimentary understanding of the game when I finally get one game in!

Spoiler: Shimazu (green) won

I still feel I have too little terrain fitting for this era, and I’ll need to address that issue as a priority, I think.

Until next time!



Test of Honour: away from the hobby room

Hello and welcome back dear reader!

This week I had some time off work (1 week of overtime in 3 weeks of work really warrants some time off..) and me and my SO decided to visit my family’s summer cottage in the Finnish Archipelago.

This of course threw a wrench in the hobby time I have. Or so I thought!

In a flash of genius I thought to myself:”why not take the hobby with me?” And so I did! Taking an old CPU-fan cardboard box I managed to pack with me a little neat package of everything I needed. Of course some things had to be left home as painting, 3D modelling and terrain crafting really were out of question.

What I packed with me was the following:

  • Crafting knife
  • Pliers
  • Super Glue
  • Liquid Green Stuff
  • 1 sprue Spear Ashigaru
  • 1 sprue Missile Ashigaru
  • 1 Sprue Samurai
  • 1 Sprue Mounted Samurai
  • 1 Sprue horse
  • 2 sprues of bases

As you can see I managed to get a ton of stuff with me to assemble miniatures. Unfortunately the actual time I had to assemble the miniatures was hampered by the usual summer cottage activities ( sauna, fishing, working etc..) and my own problem of making up my mind to what I was supposed to assemble.

The first model was easy, as I was lacking a bannerman for my forces. Unfortunately I had only taken one sprue with the great banner, and thus had to settle for only one model. I’m guessing I have to make another one when I’m home. Then the problems began. As I only own the base game, I had already made all of the base troops and samurai that I could make and had the cards for.

The mighty banner of Grey Plastic!

Fortunately for me, Grey For Now offers a lot of bonus card for free on their webshop. So I downloaded a couple and had a little look. The particular cards that I found the most interesting (and doable!) for me was the Bandit units. They are easily made with what I had brought with me, and thus the easy choice of what to try assemble.

Need to give the bowman some swords..

Made by bits from the samurai and missile ashigaru sprue, one Armored Bandit Musketman and one Armored Bandit Bowman was assembled. One note I made was that the samurai body seem to be a tad bigger than the ashigaru body, as the arrow just only touches the bow. This is important to know, as this makes swapping arms between the sprues not as easy as I had hoped! This problem only occurred with the bow arms, as the teppo arms fit perfectly.

Bandits of the grey plastic gang!

Then I made a group of Armored Bandits, and a Chief to command the group. Here I got a Little bit fancy, as pieces are from the Samurai, ashigaru and mounted Samurai sprues. The mounted Samurai sprue is a treasure trove of bits,as it holds a lot of alternate heads, weapons and bits to stick on the miniatures.

Finally I found a use for the sword with ball piece, as my Chief can be seen being in the process of sheathing his Katana. I also made my first “can count as no-dachi” as the original katas grip was too short to be used in the model to the right. I had to make a new grip from a spear, and I think it worked out great! Only thing I am probably going to do before priming the is removing the bow from the no-dachi guy. I hate the thing on the sculpt and I don’t think that a bow is going to give a bandit much credit in the bandit world.

A merry lot of bandits!

And there we have it! Total of models assembled was 7, and I could probably have knocked out 1 or 2 more, but why stress with these things. If you are going somewhere for your vacation, you might think of bringing your hobby with you as I did. I can really recommend it. And for gods sake, don’t assemble outside! I already lost one Katana, and I was assembling the thing inside the whole time!



Test of honour: New terrain

Welcome back dear reader to another update to the blog.

I finally got my purchase, and now I have a lot of stuff to work with. I have chosen to try to do a lot at once, so in case I get burned out on something I can always switch projects and keep going with motivation. And it really did not go as I expected.

If you read my last blogpost, I had invested in a sizable chunk of miniatures and to get my order with free shipping I added my first ever purchased terrain pieces to the order. What I purchased was the Torii gate and small minka A from TT Combat‘s line eastern empires.

Link to their homepage: https://ttcombat.com/collections/eastern-empires

As I had previously worked with my samurai miniatures, I thought I should try to get started with the terrain in case I could get in a test game with a friend. This led me to be very pleasantly surprised, as it did not take any time at all to build the 3 pieces of terrain.

The Torii consist of, as the name implies, of two great Torii Gates. Dimensions are roughly 17x12x4.5cm.

The Minka Consists of one house. Dimensions 15x17x11cm.

Gotta say I’m impressed with the little kits. The construction was straight forward, as you only need a knife to get the pieces off the Mdf sprue, and superglue to attach the pieces to each other. The instructions how to build the pieces was not included in the package, but TT combat has the instructions in pdf on their home site to download. Painting the was easy, but the biggest flaw of mdf really revealed itself. Raw mdf is really primer hungry, as it absorbs a great deal until it is sufficiently coated.

All in all, I’m estimating that total time working from start to finished was about 2 hours tops, as the construction was more of a breeze than I could ever had imagined.

Conclusion to this is to say that I really recommend the kits, as they were only 10£. 10£! For that prize I really going to get more of TT Combat stuff when I have the chance and wholeheartedly recommend these products.



Test of honour: factions ready?

Welcome back to the blog!

I have managed to get some work done, and thus have decided what factions I now have at my disposal.

Green mean oppression machine!

I have settled to paint my two factions as the red Takeda and green Shimazu. The red being Takeda was a choice that was easy to make as I ordered the samurai army big box. This box comes with Takeda water transfers, which makes my life easier when I don’t have do the clan mons freehanding. The shimazu where a more difficult pick, as there is a plethora of interesting clans in this era of time. My choice was actually quite a lot influenced by Shogun 2 total war, as I love to play as the Shimazu clan.

Nice contrasting colours in my opinion. Also sorry for picture quality.

The biggest problem will be to freehand the Shimazu mon on the back banner, as it is a circle with a cross inside of it. I also reasoned that this might actually be the easiest one to try my hand on, unless I find some transfers to buy on the net. Thus far my search has not delivered any results, as I have been unable to find any transfers at all. Alternatively I could try to print them on ordinary paper, cutting them out with a knife and then gluing them on, but I don’t look forward to that kind of a job..

This of course don’t mean that they couldn’t have allies from another faction, as I happened to find a nice honeycomb pattern metal mesh from a hair dryer I could use as a template for an Asai mon. This also scored me some NiCrome (I think and hope) wire to use in a DIY foam cutter build!

Stay tuned for the next one!



Test of Honour: a start of a blog

Hello and welcome back dear reader.

The first project i have on my plate is doing terrain and assembling miniatures for Test of Honour v.2, a miniature skirmish game set in “medieval” Japanese time by Grey for now. This game caught my attention scrolling through the internet while looking for a more sword and shield alternative to Warhammers Kill team. After some thinking and a lot of research and youtube let’s plays (and 3D designing some terrain for it) I decided to invest.

I started with ordering two sprues of warlords samurai warriors, the “official” minis of the game, through ebay. I had read on the internet that the plastic models from warlord were finicky to put together and that the poses that you get from the parts were “stiff”. Well… In my opinion they aren’t as bad as people claim. Sure there are a lot of parts to them and fitting the weapons can be a bit tricky, I found them to be as hard to put together as Fireforges Foot Sergants and North Stars Frostgrave Wizards. Biggest difference being that the hands and weapons are fused in the Fireforge and North star sprues.

First photo of the blog, pardon the bad picture quality (if you peruse reddit you might find the picture on r/TestOfHonourFans).

Here we have the finished miniatures, based and varnished. And with finished, the Sashimonos are still not done, as i’m still wondering what markings I’ll use (either Mori or Takeda). Also in the picture you’ll see some garden walls and small gate I designed, printed and painted. These you will find on thingiverse for free to download and print.

Long story short, I liked the miniatures a lot, and went ahead and ordered the Test of honour v.2 starting set AND the Samurai starter army from warlord to get into the game. I also went ahead and ordered my first pieces of Mdf terrain, as I had to sped a few bucks more to get the Samurai with free shipping, and thought why not! Interesting times ahead!

Until next time.



Intro to the blog

Never thought the day would come that I seriously was thinking about starting a blog about things in my life… Well here it is!

About 2 years ago I got into the hobby of board games, when my group of friends got together to play a few games of a board game (Can’t remember which it was, but anyway) and instantly realizing that this was right up my alley.

This escalated to a lot of different board games, starting with classics as munchkin, Catan and Carcassonne. Feeling adventurous I then found out about a magical genre called “Miniatures game”. This then led me down the moneysink where I find myself today.

I am not by any means a professional painter, and as such you will not find beautifully painted miniatures, or even half decent terrain on this blog! As the blog name would suggest, I do a good enough job with what I do, and am happy to do so. As I get better at this hobby stuff, the quality of the work might improve (MIGHT) but the good enough aspect I hope will still be here.

I hope that many a new person to the hobby might find this blog helpful by showing them that the hobby is not always the perfect blends with sable brushes and foamcutter straight edges as on youtube, but sometimes a black undercoat and a dollar-store drybrush on whatever foam your new piece of furniture or electronics came packaged with.

What you (probably) will find me doing in my blog in the future:

  • Whine about the price of miniatures and terrain
  • Ramble about assembling miniatures and crafting terrain
  • Encounter problems painting miniatures and terrain
  • 3D stuff (I dabble occasionally)
  • Maybe write up from a particularly interesting game I had with my mates
  • And More (again, probably)!

This blog will be updated when i have the time to do so, as working a full-time job, owning a house, having a girlfriend, family and friends tend to throw a wrench into the time I can actually invest in doing the hobby aspect of my life.

If you think you are interested in this kind of stuff then welcome aboard! I hope you find the stuff I write about interesting and thank you for your time.