Financial (irr)responsibility

Hey guys, back with another blog post!

As you know, we sold one of our family businesses a while ago, giving me some spare change to put towards my hobby. And I might have gone a bit overboard with it I guess.

Whelp! That’s a lot of plastic. As always, the Swedish store Alphaspel delivers!

Now to the responsible part, I recently went to the only game con in Finland; Ropecon. I managed to snag a few goodies, including 2 boxes of blue stuff.

For those that don’t know what blue stuff is, it is a thermo plastic used to make reusable molds. This means you can make a 2 part mold and copy stuff that the manufacturers of minis only might include one of in the sprue etc.

And this is one of my criticism towards the legion sprues. for example:

here you can see, that they have two poses possible, but only one pair of legs. Now that is unfortunate. Unless you have some blue stuff.

What you need:

Hot water & bowl

Blue Stuff

A pencil

2-part putty

Start with the hot water and put it into a bowl, then throw the Blue stuff sticks into the water. Fish it up after a few minutes and the blue stuff should be soft and malleable.

The legs put into the Blue stuff, notice the small indents to make the other Blue stuff mold align. Use the pencil for this.
Knead the putty, and apply. Then press the two halves together and let set.
Result, just trim the excess a bit and done. Notice though that the legs are a bit bigger!

There, now we have two Anakins from the same sprue. Effectively doubling the models we got from the sprue. This comes with a few downsides unfortunately.

The edges are real! I think I would have had better results with Green stuff putty. Instead I used loctite 2 part epoxy putty, and I think it actually expands when drying, instead of retracting. This turns the leg a bit bigger than the original, and also made the lines really big and hard to trim without it obscuring detail, also it made the mold shift slightly, resulting in misaligned legs.

I’ll have to try to perfect the process a bit, but it shows a lot of promise to make use of all the components that come in a sprue. A good example would be Darth Maul and General Grievous that can be built in a lot of ways.

Until next time!



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