Happy new year!

Welcome back and a happy new year to y’all! I hope you had a nice holiday, and that the new year has been treating you well.

This christmas went for me a bit differently, as my SO’s family was sick, so we ended up spending most of the holiday at home. This meant more hobbytime for me!

I went to my local craft store a few days ago, and found that they had started to carry inks. Of course I had to purchase a few different colours, and emmidietly found use of them!

I had not in a long time thought about Test of Honour, and the Inks became a great excuse to paint the troop of cavalry that has been in the works for ages. The black, green, blue and yellows are brush painted inks.

I really liked the inks. The colours are great on white primer, but tend to lack a bit when covering up other colours. The weakest of the bunch was the yellow, this is of course not a big surprise as the yellow pigments are notoriously bad across the board.

Two things; I need to really get my face painting skills better, as the faces are atrocious, and I wonder if I really should try to paint the bands on the samurai lamellar armour. Lookin at warlords pictures, they have them painted and it really makes the armours pop in the pictures.

Might have to revisit this in the future.


As I had been a good boy, santa came to visit us bearing gifts. Kidding, its corona and even santa should stay home and not visit strangers. This meant that I had to come up with my own christmas gifts!

What a haul!

It seems I got my work cut out for me in the coming days.

Stay tuned!

Wish you all the best.



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