A bit of an update

Been a while since i posted something here, going to work 06.00 and coming home 18.00 tends to inhibit posting on a blog. Time not spent working or sleeping has been devoted to being with my daughter, so the hobby side of thing have been taking a hit recently!


Firstly, I have managed to go fishing! I usually wake up 05.30 in the morning, this is bad on the weekends. But I decided to go fishing instead of trying to sleep again. Managed to snag this picture of the morning sunrise.

Best thing of being a early bird!

Didn’t catch any fish though, which was a bummer!

I managed to paint the first of my resin printed models, turned out fine.

WORT WORT! (or like me, WORK WORK!)
Going for that sweet Halo CE colour style, and not really nailing it
Who doesn’t love grunts???
Scale comparison

Printed at a 28mm scale, I’m probably going to try to make the into teams for the new Killteam version the just launched. When I’ll find someone to play with, that’s another story…

My mate that’s currently living in another city, and is a fellow star wars nerd, visited and we managed to get one game of armada in.

Still looking good

Started out ok’ish and then went downhill fast for my rebels.

Did’nt last long though

My squadball managed to knock out his Victory, but not before he took a potshot at my badly damaged nebulon, and managing to kill it with a crit, rendering my pincer move a failure. He then managed to score a monster hit with his IMP star destroyer, making my flagship a smoldering heap and killing my Admiral.

My win loose ratio against him, with the rebels, is now a solid 100%. Pretty depressing really.

But I will prevail! The rebel alliance will find Victory one day!

On another note, I found anew game system (again)!

I recently got intrested in historicals, getting three armies ready. I now looked for something more modern and discovered Bolt Action! Beeing a bit of an older game, I discovered that the reddit community was still alive and healthy.

I found a good lot of models on thingiverse, and decided to print 2 T-34s at 1/56 Scale. I think they are a tad bit too small when comparing them with my other 28mm models, So going forward I will instead opt for 1/48 scale when printing.


One of them failed in the curing process and will be made into burning wreck terrain. Dunno how, but although I washed them in IPA, there seems to have been a bit of leftover resin that cured and ruined the print.

But it’s not all bad, the reinforced platoon and list usually only has one slot for tanks so the damaged is marginal. There was also some interesting residue after the IPA wash, white stuff that had to be removed with a blade. Dunno what it is, probably the IPA is starting to become saturated with the resin and that is probably whats been deposited on the models.

I have also bought a box of soviet and german infantry from fantasyweld, a bit of a bummer that is took 18 days to get the stuff into stock and shipped. I’ll have to see if I’ll use them again in the future, but seeing that the UK is now out of the question for buying stuff, I’ll have to find some reliable vendor in Finland that carries bolt action models.


That was a bit of an update.

Hopefully I will be able to do these more frequently in the future, but damn life is busy right now. Pro tip, working for the family company can really suck sometimes.

Until next time!


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