Life goes on


These have been rough weeks, not gonna lie.

As you know, I became a dad a few weeks ago. Happiest moment in my life. Then things started going downhill.

We had been living in family bliss a few weeks when my S.O started experiencing pains in the abdomen region and starting to have fevers. Finally got her to call up the maternity ward and got her checked in. They took some tests, and the CRP was over 300. Immediate antibiotics and painkillers intravenously, and the doctors found something unsettling in her abdomen.

One CT later, turns out she has a 20cm tumor/thing in her abdomen. That all the hospital people have missed during pregnancy ultra sounds etc. It’s the cause of the infection the doctors tells us.

Fast forward a week after we got home and had a surgery scheduled, guess what, fevers are back. So back to the maternity ward and a express surgery booked. They cut out the thing, but lo and behold, it’s not the cause of the infection, it’s now according to doctors the appendix (probably).

So yeah, finally got her home a few days ago. Been a bit rough to try to take care of a little baby with her mother hospitalized, luckily for me granny came through and has been helping me out with caring for the baby.

So yeah, that’s whats been going on. Super stressed out.

On the other hand, i got Han and Chewie painted up.

Followed sorastros guide on youtube, check it out!
Fur turned out greener than i’d like, but eh, tabletop distanced he looks grayer.

Not the best paint jobs, but it'll do. Had to take my mind of the things mentioned above. Still need to get the basing done, but I'm gonna paint up Crennic and then base all three models at a time.

So yeah. I'll try to post as much as I can but time is a bit on the lesser side nowadays.

Hope you all are having a better summer than I have.



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