Still kicking around

Hey guys and welcome back!

Life looks up a bit, knock on wood. Everything seems to be fine with the missus, but the last check up came back inconclusive,as the doctors (again) don’t really have an answer if the thing they cut out was a cancer or something else, or if there’s still some left in her abdomen of it.

You’d think that Finland has good healthcare, but man, if something happens the doctors really don’t have a clue. Really wondering if the astronomical salaries here for them are warranted…

In hobby news, I got Chewie, Han and Krennic painted and based. Shot for a normal forest theme, to match with the other units basing. Krennic was a bit special, as i haven’t really painted much White (except stormies) before, and though I have a bottle of apothecary white contrast paint, I chose to not go that route. Krennic is the first mini I have not used a wash on!

As I always am a bit sloppy with the washes, I chose not to risk staining the white as It’s a pain to correct. Instead I chose to start with a bit darker colours and work up from there.

Can’t wait to get a game in, now that the corona restrictions are letting up a bit and vaccinations are becoming more widespread.

Hope you have a great summer!



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