Clone wars! (and other stellar conflicts)

Back again with a few updates!

Still mean to fix the face and lightsaber glow. The flow medium I used seemed to be shiny..

My gripe with the first core set where that the miniatures where so same-y, so I decided to do a bit of kitbashing. As you can see, my clones have unique poses. These are only arm swapped, but does so much for the general feel of the sculpts. I really got to give props to the designers, as the poses are really dynamic.

I also got my copy of Eclipse: second dawn of the galaxy and oh boy I gotta tell you, they knocked it out of the park with this one. Managed to play two 4-player game and it was a blast!

The new visuals and layouts are miles ahead the old one, already that is enough to recommend it as a purchase

I came in 4 place as Planta (explorers) after a horrible first explores and a early war with Orion (militarists). Machenema (builders) managed to blunt my desperate incursion into his orbital filled hexes in the last minute, and I never financially recovered, leaving my hexes exposed for counter-incursions. Respectable 29 points still, with Eridani (cashboosted) managed to steal cnter hex and win the game.

Second game I went with Decedents (Npc Allies) and came in second. My plans was thwarted by the Hydran (researchers) players last gambit for points, leaving me with the worst combat score ever. One 1 point vp for fighting in total.

The small changes really makes this a beautiful game to play. Setup and tear down is so fast I can’t even really imagine going back to first edition, even with the expansions and all.

Hope you have a good one!



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