Stellar Conflicts! (part 2)


I seem to never bee able to get my post up regularly.. Work has been killing me lately again, but there is hope for the future!

At least I got my clone wars starter done!

The hardest of the bunch, painting white on vehicles is miserable to paint. Glad I’m not doing more of these.

Roger Roger!

As i did with the clones, here we also have some swapped arms and legs. The overall feeling of the sculpts being unique really comes to play with just a small bit of tweaking! Funnily also, the B1:s really became more yellow than than, but I really like it! Paint recipe is as follows:

  1. white prime
  2. Kislev flesh!
  3. casandora yellow wash
  4. Drake tooth drybrush
angry rolling noise

Droidekas are though to build, not gonna lie. Paints up really nice though, and you get 4 models in the box!

Mister cough-in-your-face

And at last, the cyborg general himself. Chose the 4 saber iconic look, as this is In my opinion the most badass look for him from the movies. I can’t ever forget the the first time I saw his battle with obi-wan, magnificent!

Now I just need an opponent to play with.. and more boxes of stuff to paint!

Until next time!



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