A little update

Hey Guys!

A little update for you.

I’m now a dad!

This of course comes with its own challenges hobby-wise, as a toddler really takes up a lot of your time as parent. This still doesn’t mean I’ll completely stop doing what I like doing in my spare time, it just means I have to hobby faster!

First off, what I have got done in two weeks time… A batch of orcs!

These are Mordor orcs for Middle-earth strategy battle game, or MSBG for short. Fast and easy paint job, but still it takes forever when the SO needs your help every 10 minutes.

And here’s my backlog.. told you I had a few models coming in! Still waiting for my rulebooks that have been missing since 19.4.. goddang mail carriers!

Fast and easy project that currently is on my table, gotta get it painted before my next game with the missus youngest brother! Really a shame that I don’t get in more games of Legion, as it’s really a terrific game.

Next up some board game recommendations for pregnant couples to play while being isolated!

First off, a terrific game about bicycles! Flamme Rouge is a 2-4 player game of racing, where your team consisting of a Rouleur and a Sprinteur have to race to be the first (or furthest) across the finish line. Plays well with two players, but really shines with four. Easy to learn, as my 5 year old nephew managed to score a decisive win against me and my SO.

Quacks! Favorite of my mother-in-law and sister-in-law, a game of pushing your luck while drawing ingredients from your bag and hoping your pot doesn’t explode in your face! When I introduced it to the in-laws, we managed to play it 4 more times during the same evening back-to-back!

The box comes with a lot of variety, as you can mix and match the different ingredients effects to crate new combinations. Has a really nice mechanic for players a bit left behind to catch up to the lead players, without feeling unfair.

Well there we have it, everything that has been going on the last 3 weeks.

Hope you have a good time and thanks for reading!



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