Still here!

Well hello again dear readers, long time no see.

There has been a little bit of a hiatus since last time. What else can I say than work has been.. well lets be frank, horrible. Some people left the company, and I had to pick up their jobs also. The situation is looking better, and I have finally had some free time to spend with my family.

This does not mean I’ve been idle on the hobby side of things!

Where to start, I had some success and failures with the 3D printing side of things. I got some tanks and trucks printed, but was having some problems with resin remaining inside the models. This I have not had time to address, as I managed to puncture the FEP film and get resin on the screen, resulting in a unusable printer. This happend twice.

I have not yet ordered a second screen. I will probably try to use it as is, until i find the motivation to order the part I need. Remember folks:



Tally of fishing trips this summer: 1

Fish caught: 1

Rocks caught with the propeller this year: 0

carrying on.

Bolt action!

Panzer IV With Shürtzen

Quite a few units done!

Thought about running them as 1000 point lists, but I have yet to find an opponent.

The tanks and trucks are 3D printed as you probably can see. The soviets are the Soviet infantry box from warlord. This box contains 40 infantry models, that can be equipped with panzerfausts, molotovs, light machine guns etc. The Germans are from the blitzkrieg infantry box from warlord. This box makes 30 germans with LMG’s and smgs or rifles.

The quality of the models are quite good, not Games workshop quality but nevertheless nice ones. The only gripe I have is the warlord sculpts don’t have the weapons modeled in the hands, this makes the modeling aspect a bit tricky,as they never stay as you want them!

This is of course only my opinion. The flip side is the possibility of modelling when the weapons come individually on the sprue.

Hopefully this corona stuff is slowly going away, so that I can find some opponents to play!



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