Keeping up with the Gauls

Hello and happy new year!

It’s been a bit slow over here on the hobbying side, but time for an update.

Keeping on with the SPQR theme, I have now managed to paint half of the Clash of heroes box, finishing the Gaul hero and their archers.

I really liked the sculpts, unfortunately with resin you cant really vary the poses so they are a bit repetitive. A head swap might already done wonders for the sculpts, but it’s a bit late now eh? And if you really think, the poses almost looks like they are developed cycling through the full motion of a archer, starting from a crouching position and ending in looking if the shot hit.

I hate random hairs when I take photos!
There it is again, 0/10 photo ruined

The “come at me bro” pose of the box, The Gaul commander is a bit funny sculpt. The detail on the sculpt is top notch, but I really can’t get over the fact that he has a bendy sword. Not to talk about how long it took me to get the sword straightened out…

I can’t say that the pose is good. I really don’t like the “CAMB” pose. A more dynamic pose in a battle style would have been preferred. Thank god that they included the transfer sheets in the box, I really don’t like painting shield. Takes forever and never looks okay for me. Instead these small transfers do wonders in elevating the minis feel, and looks even better when massed on the tabletop.

Still need to get the Gaul infantry done to complete the box, but not looking forward to them as I have once already put that kit together.. So I think i going to switch it up with some goodies that just dropped in the mail.

Stay tuned!



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