Painting Commanders

Hello and welcome back!

Finally got the last of the miniatures painted from the Star wars legion haul! (except maul and probes, still going to try and get greenstuff ordered but I’m itching to paint him..)

First up the Count himself, Dooku.

Quite a lot of black and browns, making a quite regal paint job. Fast and easy, a real treat to paint!

Next up the Generic Super Tac.

Also quite a easy paint job, some metallics, some green, some drybrushing and done. Still thinking about painting the gold details but we’ll see.

Next I painted Mr Panakin.

I love painting blues for some reason, really love the color. It’s a real stand out color in my opinion.

Well, this was all for this time. I really need to get this to the table soon! But then again, I should probably get some more core units for the separatists and GAR to make it more fair..



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