Well well well, there I go again with finding cheap miniatures in bundles for new games.

There comes a time for all wargamers when you find a nice historical game and go.. now that looks interesting! Historical war gaming usually is grey beard territory, so I guess I’m getting older!

Sooo.. Painted Miniatures GO!

I really don’t understand the centurion heads, with the helmet half off. I mean, should it not have at least one with the helmet correctly on? But I digress. The other models are nice, but a bit lacking in the detail department. This of course is not a big issue, as they are made for bigger style games, and if you have 20+ troops on the table, pouches, trinkets and details won’t really stand out a lot until you pick up the models and observe the close up.

The big difference here is the nice water transfers that came with the box, such thin lines would be impossible for me to paint, and really makes the miniatures pop! These will probably look really nice on the tabletop!

Now I need to find some STLs to get some terrain printed, any help with that is greatly appriciated.



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