Auxilia solari… wait wrong game

Back again with more troops for the Greeks, this time some auxilia.

I managed to snag a box of Victrix Peltast and slingers.

Credit to Victrix

Contains 56 (!) miniatures, 8 which are earmarked for the role of slingers, and the rest earmarked to make lighter javelin men or heavier Peltasts.

Being Victrix sculpts, they are a little bit bigger than the Hoplites from Warlord, but they can be quite easily subbed in to be made into unarmored Hoplites, should the need arise. It’s also always good with a little variety in the sculpts.

This is my first bout with a Victrix product, and I can gladly say that the sculpts are excellent. The details are a bit sparse, but I think this is more to do with the models they represent than the ability of the sculptor. I can’t really see a low born slinger carrying trinkets and jewelry in abundance.

The biggest plus in this box is the many heads it contains. 8 helmet-less, 1 Cretan style wide brimmed hat and 8 helmeted in different styles per sprue. These helmet heads are interchangeable with the ancient Hoplites, and thus makes it possible to change up the sculpts a bit. To summarize (forgive me if I’m wrong Greek history buffs!) :

  • 8 phrygian
  • 16 pilos
  • 8 Boetian ( a bit unsure on this)
  • 8 Chalcidian
  • 24 attican

That’s a lot of helmets!

Combine this with the hoplite box and you get a lot of variation, making you able to build 2 different war-bands, one from central greece and one from the more northern parts.

This gives you if split 98 models to work with, 49 models per warband. not too shabby! If you split it a bit more, 20 hoplites, 28 javelins/peltasts/slinger and 1 general. Not bad.

Anyway, here’s some painted models!

I forgot one thing. These can be used in saga, and thus should have a minimum of 12 miniatures per block. So I have to convert and paint at least 4 more slingers to be able to field them..

Thanks again and see you!



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