Dacians & Germanians

Hello and welcome back!

Today I have painted some more troops, Coming from the Warlord SPQR line!

And let me tell you, I have my gripes! These are made of resin, making the super fiddly to deal with.

First off the Germanian warriors:

Credit to warlord

These come with metal spears, and I find that super gluing metal to resin is frigging hard. The adhesion was sub par, and every time the spear snagged something on my table, they popped off. The spear tip also wasn’t too convincing, as its just flattened metal with a tip. Doesn’t really look historically accurate.

The the resin..

I’m a clumsy guy, so dropping the models happens to me all the time. This meant that the resin shields that I had to glue on the models popped off, all the time! I really think that resin and I don’t go together at all. Not to mention the bendy swords (Dacians). These also came with a lot of defects and bubbles. and generally being a headache to fix.

Then the Dacians.

credit to warlord

These I liked far better, great sculpt with a lot of details, befitting their status as nobles. Also made of resin, these came with next to no defects, and the only critique I have are the swords being a bit on the bendy side.

This box came with a shield transfer sheet from little big men, and I have got to say these where excellent!

There we have it!

My recommendation is to steer clear of the Germanians, and recommend the Dacians.

And if you don’t like resin, steer clear of both!

Until next time.


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