Democracy bois!

Hello and welcome back!

As I said in my last update, making Gaul infantry wasn’t really in my interest, so instead I sidetracked!

Credit to warlord for the image

This is the box I got, a solid wall of spears to make any Gaul quiver! In this box you will find 42 multi-pose (kinda) soldiers, ready to battle. Why I say kinda is this; having a shield and spear arm really looks kinda same-y after a while, regardless what body you use. In my opinion, the poses boil down to three kinds of poses:

  • Spear over shield
  • Spear beside shield
  • Spear at ~45´

Not really much to work with.

On another note, the miniatures are really good! Little flash, great details, but one glaring problem. The shield arm is comically bigger than the spear arms. You won’t see it much, as its hidden by the shield and body, but really, who didn’t catch this during sculpting?


This box comes with 42 figures, 25 in linothorax, 10 unarmored and 5 in bronze curiass. Additionally it comes with one “command” sprue, so you are able to make 1 commander/general and a piper. You would think that a piper would be a welcome addition, but no. The sculpt is not good looking at all, much smaller, with a head molded in place that looks a lot like a certain restrained murderer from a movie. No.. not using this one as a piper… or at all.

The last thing this box comes with is a whole sheet of tranfers. Boyo, this was awsome! Don’t look at the little one on the box, mine was double the amount vs the one on the box!

I was going for an Athenian war-band, so many blues and maritime imagery on the shields.

Love the kraken shield, such a nice transfer! ( but a pain to get there!)
This time I vent for a more Mediterranean skin color, starting with a base coat of light brown instead of the normal brown-red.

As you can see. a lot of same-y poses. Not good but I guess in a spear wall, you can’t have a multitude of poses.

Thanks again for tuning in, and see you on the flip side!



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