Maul & Pike(s)

Long time no update!

Painting is progressing very slow at the moment, and don’t seem to pick up the pace. I happened to finally upgrade my computer, so my excuse not to play Warzone with the boys finally went away, and had a surprising fun time playing trios.

Well, what have I got done in this time? Well, I finally ditched my attempts to blue-stuff my maul, and got him painted!

Super easy (and lazy to boot!) paint job, Black over the dress, Black Templar over the rest. Mars red for light-saber and tattoos. Surprising much contrast in reality, pictures don’t really do it justice.

What else, I finally caved and bought in to Shadow collective..

Boyo do i like the sculpts!

Have some pikes!

Loving this box, and really easy to paint.

The amount of times I have dropped the minis and had them break off from the base is infuriating! No matter what I use, they don’t seem to adhere enough to survive a 50cm drop.

Stay tuned for more!



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