Saga warbands Finished! (so far)

Hello all!

I managed to kit bash a unit of levy Archer, so finally I have a better ranged option available!

And there we have it, the whole army is completed!

What a project it has been!

I set out with a vague idea in my mind to finally take the plunge into the world of historical miniatures and boy was it a rabbi thole. This project has been the hobby time sink since January and I have enjoyed it thoroughly!

What was used for this project?

The base of the miniatures where the 4 boxes of miniatures that I posted in an earlier post.

1 box of Hail Caesar Celtic Warriors

1 box of Hail Caesar Viking Bondi

1 Box of Hail Caesar Saxon Thegns

1 Box of Gripping Beast Dark age Warriors

These went well together and could be kit bashed to make them have different poses, weapons and heads to look coherent as a Warband.

And now I find myself in a bit of a hobby slump..What to do now? This project has been MASSIVE for the likes of normal hobbyist as me, and this has been on my mind since January. Where do I go now? The deadline for this project was the birth of our child (which is coming any day now!) as I will not have as much time anymore to do my hobby stuff as much as I want anymore.


Didn’t I get some Middle-Earth Strategy Battle Game miniatures in the mail..?



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