Saga: Scot/welsh Warband

Hello dear reader and welcome back!

This Eastern proved fruitful, as I got a lot of hobby work done (first 4 free days in a long while).

I present to you my completed 4 point warband of Scots/Welsh.

First off I feel obligated to praise the Hail Ceasar guys for making the box of Celtic warriors I used to make this models. I really liked these! Comparing the CW box with the Saxon Thenges and Viking Bondi boxes, the CW box’s heads were a treat to paint! So much character! The bodies were so-so, as they are quite mono-pose and hard to make something unique of, but ooh boy did I like tinkering more with them than the other boxes. Something never clicked with the other two as it did with this one.

First off, we have our Warlord. As usual he is on the wrong size base, as he sits on a 25mm instead of a 40 mm base. Good news is that I finally have ordered some new parts for the 3-d printer and hope that it’ll arrive shortly.

Next up, two units of Heartguard, clad in chain-mail. These guys are modeled to be able to be distinguished as both Scot spear-men and Welsh javelineers.

Then we have our two units of Warriors, numerous and armed (mostly) with spear and javelin.

Lastly the army view, of a 4 point warband for Scots/Welsh.


I have also finished painting the 2 units of Levy to be added to any warband that needs them.

They turned out a bit plain looking but what can you do.

As you can see, I have started to finish the basing of the bases, and hope to have them ready soon.

Now I need to make myself some bow Levy. I hope I have enough non-armoured models still laying around to kit bash as most of the Warbands can take these units. Then I think I need some Cavalry models to boot. What’s a Warband without mounted men!?

Have a nice week, and stay safe!



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