SAGA: Anglo-Danish/saxon warband

Hello all!

Back again with a painting update to my saga warbands. This time the Anglo- factions.

First two units of Hearthguard, gotta say that the decals on the big round shields are atrocious.. really not a good fit, as the shield is a bit curved backwards, and the decal refuses to fit it leaving it not flat at all…

Next two units of Warriors, same problem as before, the decals for the big round shields refuses to conform to the shape and looks funky.. sigh..

Here we have a Hearthguard unit, armed with the double handed Dane axes, Usable by the Anglo-Dane faction.

Last up the Warlord, I still have them on the wrong base… I’d need to get my 3-d printer fixed to get a 40mm base to put him on.

Here we have the whole warband. This is a 4 point warband for the Anglo-Saxons, and 5 points for the Anglo-danes. This is because the Saxons can’t field a unit of Dane axes.

I’m really hoping this corona business would get under control soon. I really want to get a game in with my friends now that I have 2 full 5 point warbands to play with!

I hope you all are well during these trying times.



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