Saga: Viking Warband

Hello dear reader!

I have made some painting progress with my warbands for
Saga and I thought I would share with you some of the progress I have made!

First off, the model I will use as my Warlord. I realized a bit too late that I had based my warlords on the wrong size base, so I will have to try somehow to correct this in the future. Fortunately the basing progress is not yet done, so I might be able to salvage it still.

Next, two units of Hearthguard. I hate how inaccurate historically the horned helmets are, but love the sculpt as it brings fun variation to the miniatures.

Third, two units of Warriors ready for a brawl!

Last but not least a unit of Heartguard Berserkers!

And there we have the Viking 5 Point Warband painted.

Hope you liked it!



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