Core space, because space is cool

Hello dear reader!

As you read in my last post, I finally got my core space box in the post.

And of course I had to ditch what I was doing and start ticering away with the minis (and terrain!).

Well what is this Core space you ask? Well it is a terrain pack, that comes with it’s own miniatures game bundled! Well…

Core space is a miniatures game pitching the player controlled trader crews versus other player controlled trader crews. Acting as the big omnipotent threat is the evil robots called the purge, that continuously arrive at different points on the board, trying to take down the player controlled trader crews. The goal for the players vary depending on the scenario, but basically, get in, grab loot, try to escape alive with hordes of robots pursuing you.

Lets introduce the baddies in the box!

First off we have the harvester. These are the weakest and most numerous of the the NPC:s in the box. First enemies to spawn in, and melee oriented.

Next up, the more scary robots (and live one!), From left to right: Assassin, Live one, Devastator.

The Assassin is a robot that always if able goes for the closest captain of the trader crews, if possible.

The Live one is the big baddie, with scary stats but gives you a special token if you take him down.

The Devastators are simpleminded machines, with BIG GUNS. Armored, but must take linked actions so can with a bit of smart play be avoided.

On to the crews!

The base box comes with 2 crews, the Black maria and The Ion hope, but I purchased 2 additional expansion pack crews, to be able to get more players on the table ( If I can drum up some interest in my normal playgroup..)

Ion Hope,Left to right: Arianna, Tirgarde, Roykirk and Gak
Black Maria crev, left to right: Jace, Beck, Renton and Lars
The Skylark crew: MAC, Marlowe, Faye and Weaver
The Posidon Crew: Thoman, PI, Teelac and Hoskins

And there we go!

All the miniatures of the Core box and 2 expansions painted up. This is a special project for me to boot, as this is the first time I have based miniatures on clear acrylic bases! The bases are 2mm clear acrylic, but I think I should have gone with 1mm instead. As they are 2mm they stick up a bit too much fore my taste.

Thanks again for your time! See you soon.



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