Saga Terrain

Hello dear reader!

Been slugging along with my Saga project, trying to get some terrain done in viking area fashion!

What doesn’t define Vikings more than their iconic Longships! This is the drakkar from Thingivers ( modified a bit as it comes with oars and I din’t really think they would fit on the the table. Printed 170% scale to better get it to match 28mm.

Painted using Normal acrylic craft paint, I made a mistake and primed them black. this was not a good idea, as the craft paints really sucks painting over a black base. But you make do and learn from your mistakes!

Not the kind of people you want to see pulling up to your harbor!

Here you see a bit of scale, the landing is made from coffee stir stick by yours truly, the longship should be able to accommodate 12-15 units, so it fits:

1 Levy or

2 Warriors or

3 Hearthguard

+ warlord and single characters per boat.

Yari-ashigaru for scale to mix things up a bit!

Here we have a saxon monastery, kind of similar that should have been found at Lindisfarne when the first Vikings came looking for riches. As you can see, the roof looks a bit.. “man-made”. This is because my 3-d printer broke and had to make the shingles the tried and true way of manually cutting them out with a scissor. Interested in the file? here it is: Printed at 130% scale if I remember correctly.

As you can see, some work done!

Other news!

The seller of the Test of honor book i had bought relented and gave me a refund when their package never arrived, I really looked forward to get the book to be able to build my cavalry units!

My Core space stuff came in… and my fingers are REALLY itching to start working with them..

Thanks for reading!


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