New projects, because why not?

Hello dear reader!

You might not know it, but I love starting new projects!

This is my latest. Saga!


I happened to stumble on this gem, for you who are not familiar with SAGA, it is a historical wargame using simple rules for list-building and and combat. The real kicker though is the use of the battle-boards where you use dice (proprietary of course) to be able to trigger ability’s and movement of you troops. I took one look, and knew I had to play this!

So starting with this project I went with the usual route:

Check out the rules -> Check out models -> Check out terrain.

The rules that I will be using at first is the first edition rules, then I’ll transition to the second edition. As this is Saga, there are different time periods to choose between. For me it is the Age of Viking that peaked my interest.

With this in mind, I started picking apart the different factions and the requirements for their models. I found that the selections of cheap boxes that I found could easily make units for the Vikings, Jomsvikings, Anglo-saxons and Anglo-Danes, Scots and Welsh!

The logic in making them was: Celtic warriors depict the Scots and welsh. They need a lot of spear and javelin armed soldiers. This needed a bit of kitbashing, as the most of them came with swords already molded to the bodies. Thankfully the other boxes had a lot to spare. The saxon thengs and viking bondi boxes works for both the viking anglo factions, as historically they kind of had similar kind of clothing. The differentiating factor becomes the head as the boxes comes with nice sculpted heads, for the factions appropriate. The dark age box makes the peasant rabble armed with slings and javelins for the factions, to be shared.

There we have it!

Bonus Norman Crossbowmen! (bonus kitbash, Oathmark elves heads on 2 of them)
Some kitbashes and mods, left to right. Celtic head on dark age body, Celtic arm reposition, Fireforge sergeant arms on Bondi body, Oathmark elves heads on fireforge sergant body and bondi head on dark age body
Left to right, Celt with anglo head, bondi with fireforge sergeant arms, Theng with sergeant arms, Anglo with sergeant arms and kitbashed Dane axe, celt with dark age warrior arm
Size comparison. left to right. Saxon Thegn, Celtic warrior, Viking bondi, Fireforge Sergeant, Celtic warrior, Dark age warrior.

As you can see, fairly lot of stuff done, and they fit together scale-wise pretty well. If anything, the only visible thing that does not fit all to well is using the Celts for kit-bashes. The heads they have are really too small ( they only fit the dark age warriors without green stuffing the neck area).

So what do we have now point-wise?

Vikings 3 hearthguard (one berserker) 2 warriors ( 1 sling levy)

Jomsvikings 2 hearthguard 2 warriors (can use anglos for more men and dane axes)

Anglo-danes 3 hearthguard (one Dane Axe) 1 warrior (can use vikings for more men) 1 sling levy

Anglo-saxons 2 hearthguard 2 warrior (1 Spear levy, 1 sling levy)

Scots 2 Hearthguard 2 warrior ( 1 javelin, 1 sling levy)

Welsh 2 hearthguard 2 warrior ( 1 sling levy)

(Global pool 1 Spear/javelin levy, 1 Sling levy)

As you can see, all the teams have at least 5 point war-bands to create. Added to that, all the factions have a single warlord model that they take for free.

And there we have it!

Now comes the task of basing and priming, never primed this many models before. I really need to go buy a fresh can of rattelprimer for this one!



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