Frostgrave: The Lich Lord

Hello dear reader!

I hope the new year has been treating you well. We finally played the last scenario of the wrath of the lich lord campaign, and what a scenario it was!

As you can see, the setup is pretty simple. There was one armoured skelly, and one death cultist mob on the board. Unfortunately none of us had AOE spells, which would have been terrific.

I opened aggressively by jumping the fence, trying to get a good shot off with my coachman trying to leverage the AOE affect he has.Managed to get a great shot off… that faild to deal damage to the 12 armour of the skeleton. This failed spectacularly by never beating the armour of 12 of the 4 other skellys that were hit.

This set the tone of the first third of the game. Me never really getting steam, losing hp and troops to the skellys by rolling horrendously. All the while my opponent was having a stroll in the park, killing the 3 skellys that shuffled towards him and also managing to snipe off some the cultist that came barreling towards me.

Luckily my opponent was helping me, because i was getting thumped BIG TIME.

He proceeded to take some potshots while moving towards the big LL, taking his time and buffing the troops for the confrontation.

After defeating the walls of undead and cultist (while taking elemental bolts from the damn lich dude, who was equally crappy at making damage to stick) I too rushed foreward, luring the wraithknigt near me and charging him with my monk, captain and apprentice. He fell in one mighty hit from my captain, buffed with a magical weapon, +3 buff from his ability and +4 from the allies.

My opponent had got some problems with his wraithknight, proving a mighty opponent with his double damage characteristic, losing some men in the process

After we got the Lich Lord torn to pieces, beeing the tanky dude he is, we got bogged down in melee with each other. My duelist got charged and managed to beat back one treasure hunter and one man-at-arms, stalling them both long enough for my wizard to finish them off. Sadly he perished in the melee.

Whittling down each other and securing 3 treasures each, there was only my wizard, apprentice and captain remaining against his wizard, apprentice and rangifer. My captain got a severe hit from the rangifer, and was finished of by an elemental bolt to the face. Meanwhile my apprentice killed his rangifer in vengeance, and my wizard charged and managed to roll a nat 20, adding to his +5 fighting stat and his +2 magic weapon, the apprentice never stood a chance.

This left me trying to get to the enemy wizard. Him getting the initiative, elemental bolted my wizard to oblivion. I then charged my apprentice (which had only 1hp remaining, against his 5) and hoped to get the initiative for the what would be the last round.

I got the initiative, and attacked him. totaling up our dice, both arrived at 19. That meant that we whacked each other to death and our campaign interestingly ended with no one standing. This campaign was a long process, but ultimately I super fun one.

This concludes our Frostgrave campaign, as we will now transition to Frostgrave second edition (probably, if I get to ordering it instead of procrastinating). I hope you liked it!



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