Frostgrave: Bone wheel

Hello again dear reader!

Once more I had the chance to play Frostgrave, the ninth scenario of the lich lord campaign. In this scenario, there is a center wheel that has 6 treasure tokens “hanging” from it, and spinning every round.

One interesting detail was that setup was from the corners, definitely an interesting touch!

Got lucky and succeed with my reveal secret spell before we started, easy treasure for the taking!

Always start with a defensive wall if you opponent has ranged superiority. This enable me to go and try to get forward positions up the board.

Slogging in melee while my other troops advance to get treasure!

My opponent saw through me and counter flanked with a captain and treasure hunter, and managed to catch my duelist hiding behind a column.

The great escape!

My opponent got shafted by a banshee early on, and had trouble dealing with it. I got lucky and had a magic sword on my captain. He made short work of it, and then ran interference on the zombies that shuffled into battle. My opponent unfortunately could not catch me, and final score was 4-3 in my favor in treasures.

An interesting scenario! My opponent played too defensively and relied on his shooting. Unfortunately for him, his dice where ICE COLD the whole game and got nothing done. The only ranged attack that got through was a elemental bolt on my apprentice, wich only managed to deal 6 damge.

One scenario remaining!

Our last battle will be against the lich, who knows how that will go..

Until next time!



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