Painting stuff: Star wars armada

Hello dear reader!

I recently had a period of great motivation for painting after finishing my box of magnetized Genestealer cult box of Neophyte Hybrids. I wondered what kind of models I might have still laying around unpainted when it hit me!

Star wars armada is basically the miniature game that really got me into tabletop gaming, and my squadrons where still on their flight stands, unpainted. Beeing the oldest miniature game I have, and having my friend that likes armada coming to town for Christmas, I had a golden opportunity to finally paint them.

Loving the tie fighter and Imperial in general, this is where I stared. Imperials being super easy to paint with a limited pallet of colour, paiting them was a breeze. The bounty hunters where a bit more difficult, but still relatively easy.

Next up, the whole fleet of x-wings. These I did’t like that much. The details were shallow, and non existent like the cockpit, so I had a hard time to get them to look halfway decent..

The other rebel squadrons are a definite step up from the x-wings, having good details for being so small.

And there we have it! completed squadrons for the coming games with my friend, a definite step up from the unpainted ones!



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