Frostgrave: Cauldron of doom


Finally had my first Frostgrave game in what seems like forever. For you who don’t know, Frostgrave is a miniatures game where you build a warband and try to secure as much treasure as you can, while fending off monsters and other warbands.

Me and my friend has had a long running campaign, as we are playing the Thaw of the lich lord expansion. This expansion details the thawing and rise of a powerful lich, and the 10 scenario long campaign to defeat him and his underlings.

My deployment in the south, my friend in the north

We are currently on the eight scenario, which has a cauldron in the middle surrounded by death cultists. The cauldron spawn a zombie every turn, and must be tipped over to loose the ability.

Cauldron and corpse cart with cultist guards
State of the board in the last turn before he called it quits

The result of the game was 4 treasures versus his 3 treasures.

I really look forward to the last 2 games, as my wizard is built very.. well bad. I lack any offensive spells, and the spells I chose aren’t that good. We will build new warbands when the campaign is over, and I look forward to try new spells! Maybe even switch over to the second edition if I remember to buy the book.



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