Legion terrain: Tantive IV interior

Hello and welcome back dear reader!

Been working on this little gem for a few hours, and thought I would post a little report on my progress.

This is my take on the Tantive IV interior walls, seen in the first star wars movie.

Here with some of my clone scout troopers for scale, you can find the on thingivers

The terrain walls are 3 inches long, making them not too large. This will unfortunately make you print a lot to cover even a small section of the 3×6 battlefield that is the standard for current 800 point legion games.

What these are meant for is instead some close combat encounters for 3×3 battlefields, using smaller infantry lists. The Core set (reb & imps) clocks in about 467 and 525 respectively, making this a good alternative for them.

heres a mockup for a 3×3 table

As you can see, not too shabby, eh?

Of course, there are design problems with this, in the picture above you can see there are some coloured walls, these are what I had to make to get everything to align properly…. This is because I’m not a terribly good designer and probably never will be.

These things aside, I quite like these, only problem is how many walls you have to make to make the table.. 108 for the inner walls and 52 for the outer walls..

3×6 madness

Now we’re talking! This is already becoming unwieldy, 216 walls and 78 outer walls.

So 294 pieces and it takes 2H 16 minutes for the normal blank wall according to cura –> over 600h of printing time, this would be pretty much a month of non stop printing them piece by piece. And that is not counting the connectors!

What an endevour! don’t you agree?

I’ll post them on thingiverse, so you’ll know where to get them.

Until next time!



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