Hobbying along, terrain!

oh man, long time no post…

Still waiting on my clan forces delivery, corona’s really messing things up for the the Italians, as I have yet to receive my parcel from them.. Only one MONTH shipping time so far..

Work has been really rough, and we’re finally going into low season, so might have better time in the future.

I managed to get some terrain done for TOH

As you can see, I got one orchard and one bush, with two willow groves done. The rice patches are 3D printed and flocked. They didn’t turn out really so bad, but could have been better. They almost look like mud instead..

As my clan forces are delayed, I got really bummed and lost my interest for the time being, so decided to switch things up. I fired up my printer and started to print some Star wars Legion terrain instead.

3d printed A-wings and AAC-1

Here we have some terrain for a legion board. everythings 3D printed, the AAC-1 is my old design. I have now updated it to more detailed and greebled.

Here we have the Y-wing, a really great piece of impressive terrain!

And finally, the first 2 segments of my walkways.

As you can see, there’s been some work done on the hobby front, but unfortunately not many games played.

I’ll try to post more regularly in the future!



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