Test of Honour: Bandits

Welcome back to the blog!

I finally managed to get some paints on the Bandits I have been working on!

First up my ranged units

Coming in at a whopping 4 points are my ranged options. One Armoured Bandit bowman and One Armoured Bandit Musketman.

my force of ruffians

Second my meat and potatoes, 3 Armoured Bandits. Can be taken as individual units for 1 point each, or as a group for 2 points. 2 are armed with katanas, and one with a heavy sword. If taken as a group, all weapons counts as katanas.

Bandit Chief and bruiser

Lastly my Cheif and bruiser. My chief is a real bandit, already taken 2 heads to impress his underlings to follow his lead.

Soon to bandit in a village near you!

Tried to keep the bandits a bit different to the “faction” samurai, by using quite dark colour for the armour pieces. Only problem is that they look a bit too “proper” for being bandits.

I feel that a head swap to some more “wild” looking heads would already have done much to convey the Bandit-y feel they now lack. I also feel that they have too much armour to be proper bandits, as they really should almost be dressed in rag to be proper bandits in my mind.

Good thing that I can sub them as a third faction once I get some more Ashigaru troops made. Then again i probably need more Ashigarus for my 2 already existing factions to get more variety. That means more putting models together again!



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