Test of honour: First games

Welcome back dear reader!

Finally some good news! I played my first 2 games and boy was it fun!

Me and my friend had our first get together in a long while, and instead of our Frostgrave campaign we tried out the first introductory battle and the first scenario in the linked game. The rules introduction was a breeze, and he quite fast got the gist of them and we were ready to begin.

The first battle was the usual new game, diving into the rules to check if we were doing it right every 5 minutes. both managed to take out a spearman before i managed to deal a terrible blow to his samurai, which sent him reeling with a lingering wound to the next scenario. My win!

The second game was a real nailbiter. I chose my forces very poorly, relying on a musket group, 1 musketman and a gunnery sergeant. This was a mistake, as my strategy was to hold the 3 point with 2 spearman and my samurai hero, while my musketmen would flank and harass him. Little did I know that I had to set aside 5 points of troops! This turned my plan upside down, as I put away the musketmen, but chose to keep my sergeant in the middle of the board with my melee troops, thus robbing myself of the Sergeant’s ability for faster reloads. Good for me that the dice gods where on my side, and had forsaken him.

turn 4 off 5. My spearman fending of his, while my Sergeant is fighting for his life. my samurai blocking the way to the objective
state of the board on turn five. My musketman group holding one objective, his lone spearman the other and my samurai desperately trying to kill his other spearman
Board layout. Super fun little scenario!

Even Though the game ended in a draw, I really felt like a winner! The biggest loser in the game were his archers. They only managed to cause a single blood drop in 5 rounds of improved shooting.

I really look forward to our next match, and I really need to get more troops done! this was only 15 points, and I almost used all the troops I have!

Until next time!



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