Test of honour: Unarmoured Samurai

Hello and welcome back!

As the header suggests, this post is related to unarmoured samurai.

I finally had time to complete a tabletop standard paintjob to the unarmored samurai included as a bonus in the second edition Test Of Honour Box.

In my opinion this is a phenomenal sculpt, as I feel it really conveys the feeling of the classic ” oh you are surrounding me, better draw my sword half way to be able to explode into action” poses.

I feel I really should get some more of these unarmoured variants of the samurai. I know that North Star makes a nice line of these, so I may have to check them out in the future.

Showcased in the first picture is also some new pieces of terrain. The wattle fences are from thingiverse and look super! Really easy to print and paint, and really sell a urban settlement style of look.

The other is the barrelcart, also 3D printed from thingiverse. I don’t really think it looks 100% in its element here, I fell it has a more medieval European design to it. I love them none the less as I always need more terrain to my Games of frostgrave.

That’s all for this time.



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