Test of Honour: slow week

Welcome back dear reader!

Hobbying has been a bit slow after I got back to work, with pretty much overtime lately.

I have had some time designing a bit of 3D models for the game though!

Adding to my collection of 3D models on thingiverse, I have now added Rice Paddies and Storage Huts/ Peasant houses to download and print, Free of charge of course. As I need things I’ll try to model it up, and I always try to post them on thingiverse for you to enjoy.

On the painting side, It’s been really slow also. The Bandits are still not primed, and a house I 3D printed isn’t really progressing either.

What i have got done is this:

Bamboo Groves!

Made with packaging foam (small balls variant), they were super easy to make.

  • Cut to size
  • Basecoat with glue and black craft paint mix
  • paint brown
  • dry brush highlights to the piece
  • Superglue Bamboo in place
  • Flock
  • Done

I also tried out the starting scenario for fun and to learn the rules. It’ll be good to have a rudimentary understanding of the game when I finally get one game in!

Spoiler: Shimazu (green) won

I still feel I have too little terrain fitting for this era, and I’ll need to address that issue as a priority, I think.

Until next time!



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