Test of honour: factions ready?

Welcome back to the blog!

I have managed to get some work done, and thus have decided what factions I now have at my disposal.

Green mean oppression machine!

I have settled to paint my two factions as the red Takeda and green Shimazu. The red being Takeda was a choice that was easy to make as I ordered the samurai army big box. This box comes with Takeda water transfers, which makes my life easier when I don’t have do the clan mons freehanding. The shimazu where a more difficult pick, as there is a plethora of interesting clans in this era of time. My choice was actually quite a lot influenced by Shogun 2 total war, as I love to play as the Shimazu clan.

Nice contrasting colours in my opinion. Also sorry for picture quality.

The biggest problem will be to freehand the Shimazu mon on the back banner, as it is a circle with a cross inside of it. I also reasoned that this might actually be the easiest one to try my hand on, unless I find some transfers to buy on the net. Thus far my search has not delivered any results, as I have been unable to find any transfers at all. Alternatively I could try to print them on ordinary paper, cutting them out with a knife and then gluing them on, but I don’t look forward to that kind of a job..

This of course don’t mean that they couldn’t have allies from another faction, as I happened to find a nice honeycomb pattern metal mesh from a hair dryer I could use as a template for an Asai mon. This also scored me some NiCrome (I think and hope) wire to use in a DIY foam cutter build!

Stay tuned for the next one!



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