Test of Honour: a start of a blog

Hello and welcome back dear reader.

The first project i have on my plate is doing terrain and assembling miniatures for Test of Honour v.2, a miniature skirmish game set in “medieval” Japanese time by Grey for now. This game caught my attention scrolling through the internet while looking for a more sword and shield alternative to Warhammers Kill team. After some thinking and a lot of research and youtube let’s plays (and 3D designing some terrain for it) I decided to invest.

I started with ordering two sprues of warlords samurai warriors, the “official” minis of the game, through ebay. I had read on the internet that the plastic models from warlord were finicky to put together and that the poses that you get from the parts were “stiff”. Well… In my opinion they aren’t as bad as people claim. Sure there are a lot of parts to them and fitting the weapons can be a bit tricky, I found them to be as hard to put together as Fireforges Foot Sergants and North Stars Frostgrave Wizards. Biggest difference being that the hands and weapons are fused in the Fireforge and North star sprues.

First photo of the blog, pardon the bad picture quality (if you peruse reddit you might find the picture on r/TestOfHonourFans).

Here we have the finished miniatures, based and varnished. And with finished, the Sashimonos are still not done, as i’m still wondering what markings I’ll use (either Mori or Takeda). Also in the picture you’ll see some garden walls and small gate I designed, printed and painted. These you will find on thingiverse for free to download and print.

Long story short, I liked the miniatures a lot, and went ahead and ordered the Test of honour v.2 starting set AND the Samurai starter army from warlord to get into the game. I also went ahead and ordered my first pieces of Mdf terrain, as I had to sped a few bucks more to get the Samurai with free shipping, and thought why not! Interesting times ahead!

Until next time.



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