Test of honour: New terrain

Welcome back dear reader to another update to the blog.

I finally got my purchase, and now I have a lot of stuff to work with. I have chosen to try to do a lot at once, so in case I get burned out on something I can always switch projects and keep going with motivation. And it really did not go as I expected.

If you read my last blogpost, I had invested in a sizable chunk of miniatures and to get my order with free shipping I added my first ever purchased terrain pieces to the order. What I purchased was the Torii gate and small minka A from TT Combat‘s line eastern empires.

Link to their homepage: https://ttcombat.com/collections/eastern-empires

As I had previously worked with my samurai miniatures, I thought I should try to get started with the terrain in case I could get in a test game with a friend. This led me to be very pleasantly surprised, as it did not take any time at all to build the 3 pieces of terrain.

The Torii consist of, as the name implies, of two great Torii Gates. Dimensions are roughly 17x12x4.5cm.

The Minka Consists of one house. Dimensions 15x17x11cm.

Gotta say I’m impressed with the little kits. The construction was straight forward, as you only need a knife to get the pieces off the Mdf sprue, and superglue to attach the pieces to each other. The instructions how to build the pieces was not included in the package, but TT combat has the instructions in pdf on their home site to download. Painting the was easy, but the biggest flaw of mdf really revealed itself. Raw mdf is really primer hungry, as it absorbs a great deal until it is sufficiently coated.

All in all, I’m estimating that total time working from start to finished was about 2 hours tops, as the construction was more of a breeze than I could ever had imagined.

Conclusion to this is to say that I really recommend the kits, as they were only 10£. 10£! For that prize I really going to get more of TT Combat stuff when I have the chance and wholeheartedly recommend these products.



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