Intro to the blog

Never thought the day would come that I seriously was thinking about starting a blog about things in my life… Well here it is!

About 2 years ago I got into the hobby of board games, when my group of friends got together to play a few games of a board game (Can’t remember which it was, but anyway) and instantly realizing that this was right up my alley.

This escalated to a lot of different board games, starting with classics as munchkin, Catan and Carcassonne. Feeling adventurous I then found out about a magical genre called “Miniatures game”. This then led me down the moneysink where I find myself today.

I am not by any means a professional painter, and as such you will not find beautifully painted miniatures, or even half decent terrain on this blog! As the blog name would suggest, I do a good enough job with what I do, and am happy to do so. As I get better at this hobby stuff, the quality of the work might improve (MIGHT) but the good enough aspect I hope will still be here.

I hope that many a new person to the hobby might find this blog helpful by showing them that the hobby is not always the perfect blends with sable brushes and foamcutter straight edges as on youtube, but sometimes a black undercoat and a dollar-store drybrush on whatever foam your new piece of furniture or electronics came packaged with.

What you (probably) will find me doing in my blog in the future:

  • Whine about the price of miniatures and terrain
  • Ramble about assembling miniatures and crafting terrain
  • Encounter problems painting miniatures and terrain
  • 3D stuff (I dabble occasionally)
  • Maybe write up from a particularly interesting game I had with my mates
  • And More (again, probably)!

This blog will be updated when i have the time to do so, as working a full-time job, owning a house, having a girlfriend, family and friends tend to throw a wrench into the time I can actually invest in doing the hobby aspect of my life.

If you think you are interested in this kind of stuff then welcome aboard! I hope you find the stuff I write about interesting and thank you for your time.



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